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Featured blog #7- Meet the blogger behind Enzo's Point - An educator, OFW, a good friend, an "Outstanding School Paper Adviser of the Philippines " and most of all a Loving Son.

Blog Name : Enzo's Point

Category/Niche : Personal

Blog Description : love, life, leisure, lessons and more...

About the Blog:

Enzo's Point is a personal blog that serves as an avenue for expression of Enzo's personal views in life, love, lessons, and other matters significant to him. He also shares his personal experiences in this site hoping to inspire others.

About yourself/blogger:

Lorenzo Caballes, Jr. has worked as a teacher for six years in the Philippines before he decided to move to Thailand in 2010. He graduated at the Philippine Normal University (Agusan Campus) with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English. While teaching in the Philippines, he was very active in campus journalism and was awarded as an Outstanding School Paper Adviser of the Philippines during the National Schools Press Conference in February 2010.

Aside from watching movies, he also spends his free time reading, surfing the internet, and blogging. He blogs about his travels at TripZone, his latest entertainment finds in The MAGIC in Me and his personal thoughts and experiences in his Enzo's Point.

What inspires this blog:

Enzo thinks he is a very passionate and very expressive person. This blog site came out to be his best friend whom he can share his thoughts with. When his mind is overflowing with thoughts and no one is available to
listen to him, this is where he pours out all his emotions.

How did you get into blogging:

Enzo has always loved writing. He admitted he is not an exceptional writer but he always has a heart to write. Enzo's Point was born when he came to Thailand two years ago. He met two passionate bloggers - Ms. Janet Luison and Mr. John Patrick Benliro who inspired him to blog thus came his first blog site. Since then, he has had several other blog sites but Enzo's Point will always remain as his first love and will always be his home.

What is your favorite blog post and why?

Her Footnote to Youth. This is an article I wrote inspired by a person so close and dear to me. The story got me carried away that it got me sobbing after I finished writing it. I am hoping it somehow would serve as a lesson to the young girls who are right now blinded with passion.

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  1. I am inspired to write even more. :)

  2. I'm friends with Enzo on Facebook but it's only now that I got an insight into his character. :) Good job, Enzo! :)

  3. Thank you very much for this opportunity Ms. Tess. MaBuhay ang FBW. GOD BLESS Us all.

  4. Congrats to Enzo for being featured! :)

  5. A teacher who's into blogging is a real inspiration. Now he's sharing not only to his students but to his blog readers as well. Great job!

  6. Haven't check his blog yet. Thanks for sharing. :)


  7. Enzo definitely deserves a feature! :D Great job sir Enzo! ;)

  8. Bloggin' all the way from Thailand! Shall be following TripZone :)

  9. congrats enzo... :) will follow his blogs now. :)

  10. Inspiring indeed - been to his blog.

  11. one of the blogs I frequently comment on! kudos!

  12. Glad somebody still does his round of teaching in the blogosphere. More power to Enzo!

  13. Haven't seen his blog yet. Will check today! thanks and yes, Congrats Enzo!!!!

  14. Reading the stories of fellow bloggers inspires f a lot!

  15. I can very much feel the passion in Enzo's writing everytime I visit his blogs.. Congrats again on the Feature Enzo! :)

  16. Real people, real stories, the passion of a storyteller. These are, in my opinion, the perfect ingredients for inspirational writing. Keep 'em coming, Enzo!

  17. Masilip nga itong napaka swerteng tao na naifeature. hehe

  18. wow great job teacher Enzo! Nice to know so many of our Filipino teachers making it good overseas. kudos to you sir!

  19. Congrats! keep on writing!

  20. Congrats! Pangarap ko din mafeature dito and Enzo was so lucky na mafeature sa FBW. Galing! Hope marami pa bloggers ang maexpose at makilala sa pamamagitan nito. :)

  21. Kudos to Enzo's Point for being featured.

  22. Congratulations to Enzo!!!

    I always look forward to his inspiring insights about life. :)

  23. Congrats Enzo! May you continue to inspire more people through your blog. =)

  24. congratulations to kuya enzo for the feature.
    i like how he writes and shares his insights too.

  25. Congrats! ;) I like your blog.. :) Especially the latest post.

  26. thanks for sharing... nakakainspire po :)

  27. wow naman sa achievement! Congrats po! :)

  28. Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to also being featured. :)

  29. congrats to Enzo! he truly deserved this recognition.

  30. i vote for #11 'bcoz he's my good friend..hehe!gogogo ron!!

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