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Featured blog #8  The blogger is known for a different approach in every photograph  and drawing on her posts.  Her artistic abilty is not the usual  "perfect touch" approach  but rather a personal touch that ends up to be unique and beautifully executed.

BLOG NAME: Noting Athena | photos, drawings, notes



My blog serves as an online outlet of self-expression, thus the very personal touch to it. It's a mixture of everything I think I do: I write there, I show my photos, my drawings, the food I eat, stuff I do for school, etc.

I always try to convince myself that my life is not boring at all. I also hope to keep things interesting in my blog so that backtracking it in the future would be a breeze.

Whenever I do a post, I try to make it "very me" by writing on the photos and even drawing on my face when I want to.


I'm Athena, I just turned 20 and a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts : Industrial Design from UP Cebu. I'm an aspiring photographer and designer, but I do a lot of other things in my spare time. I like doing self-portraits, reading, taking photos of stuff and people, and doing artsy-fartsy stuff. I love Oreos and the Internet too.


The inspiration behind my blog has always been the desire to come up with something that I can really say that I've put an effort to. Also, there is this drive that makes me want to
write better, photograph better and see the progress even in my blog's little space.

I named my blog "Noting Athena" because I wanted something easy to remember with my name on it. Apparently, the "noting" part is easy to remember but some people read it as "nothing", which makes me laugh sometimes.

My blog ( notingathena) has been around for five months now. It's still very young since I just started again after being frustrated by the last one I had. I am very happy with this space now, and I hope it will be here to stay.

I've been blogging since high school, but every time I start a blog, I usually get tired after a few months or so. I either shut them down or just leave them with no more updates. But a few months ago, I felt like I should just blog again because it's nice to have a place to express oneself and interact with fellow bloggers.


My favorite blog post as of now is The Red Herring at 3/24 because my friends and I had a small photoshoot after being frustrated for not being able to push through with our thesis defense that day. This is quite memorable because the lighting used was LED lights from a lamp I designed.

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  1. Truly deserving! She's good at blogging and as a friend she's veryyyy helpful. I'm so happy she's featured!! <3

  2. wow she definitely deserves the feature :)
    RK Manila Shoes , OASAP and FIRMOO giveaways on The Bargain Doll! Hope you can join! :)

  3. Athena isn't just a great blogger, but a really talented artist as well! :) Love how she's unconventional and honest. Congrats sis Athena, you definitely deserve this feature! ;)

  4. truly deserving to be featured :)
    I love her shots!

  5. Congratulations, Athena! You have a flair for nice things which makes you deserving to be featured here! :)

  6. congrats to Athena for being featured here.. she truly deserves it! :)

  7. wow! congrats Athena for being featured in FBW =)
    honestly, I'm thinking where did you got the "noting" term. First came into my mind is the noun "note" that leads to "noting" as the verb. Alright, I think I'm rambling here but anyway, just want you to know you're one of my favorite photobloggers in the FBW community. You're exceptionally talented. Don't stop on that, i believe it's your way to success.

    Kudos, Athena! More power to "Noting Athena" =)

  8. Athena's truly an artist and she has a unique and exciting approach on how she presents her topic.

  9. wow nice feature ... she's started blogging since highschool while i started just now.. hope my kids will be like her too =)

  10. Nice feature you got there. I have been a constant follower of Athena forawhile now.

  11. The blog certainly has something unique to offer.

  12. It's one of my favorite personal blogs since Athena really shoots great photos!

  13. Sa wakas na feature na sya hahaha!! yan ang ginagaya ko sa black n white eh! hahah

  14. I agree. Her photos are not the usual kind. There's something deeply personal to them.

  15. so unique and dashingly gorgeous, even the the drawings. two thumbs up!!!

  16. i have seen the blog of athena and it is really a great blog..

  17. thank you so much for the feature, FBW!
    thank you to everyone for supporting my blog too. let's continue to support each other. :)

  18. My second time here! I love this group!

    Cooking Like a Pro

  19. makavisit nga :)

  20. Congratz Athena! Photoshoot mo naman next natin. :D

  21. Nice! Congrats to you Athena, hehehe kapangalan mo pa pala ang baby mo... :D

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