Common Weight Loss Myths Explained

The best tool for weight loss is knowing the difference between weight loss myths and effective weight loss regimens. Losing weight may be extra difficult when one follows weight loss myths rather than doing the correct weight loss practices.

With that, here are 5 common weight loss myths that you may want to stay clear of. In addition, each myth has corresponding weight loss tips that will effectively boost your weight loss goals. 

Weight loss myth #1 - Avoid eating to start losing weight.

We simply need to eat. Avoiding food or skipping a meal will only cause a temporary weight loss, if any. More so, following this weight loss myth will not only cause unnecessary starvation, it may also lead to health problems and unhealthy habits like binges or cravings.

Weight loss tips:
1. Do not over-eat.
2. Eat wisely.
3. Eat in portions.
4. Exercise regularly.

Weight loss myth #2 - Avoid carbohydrates to start losing weight.
Carbohydrates play an important part of our diets. They serve as fuels to the body by way of glucose. A strict low-carb diet may render the body low on energy, dehydrated, nauseated and constipated.

Weight loss tips:
1. Eat carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
2. Avoid bad carbs from cakes, cookies and white breads.
3. Exercise regularly.

Weight loss myth #3 - Avoid fats to start losing weight.
Meals are more satisfying with fats. Fatty acids are high in calorie and may even cause heart problems to some. Avoiding fats altogether is however not the answer to weight loss. There are good fats which we can still enjoy; and continue losing weight.
Hydrogenated fats or trans fats are the fats to avoid. These fats are not only bad for our health; they also promote weight gain. Good fats, on the other hand are good for our digestive health, immune system, brain and nervous systems.

Weight loss tips:
1. Eat good fats from tuna, mackerel, sardines, nuts and seeds, olive oil, corn oil, soymilk, tofu, avocados.
2. Avoid bad fats from butter, cheese, lard, margarine, crackers, chips, microwave popcorn, fried foods and candies.

Weight loss myth #4 - Avoid sweets to start losing weight.
This weight loss myth may easily pass for the truth. However, you don't have to stop eating sweets to start losing weight. It's only fair to allow ourselves to give in to our sweet tooth, if it is in our liking. Totally avoiding sweets would only lead to unnecessary binges. Choose wisely on the other hand, the sweets you are to eat.

Weight loss tips:
1. Choose healthy sweets like watermelon, apples, bananas, melon or other sweet fruits.
2. Choose low-calorie ice creams, brownies or processed sweets.
3. Eat in portions.
4. Exercise regularly.

Weight loss myth #5 - Avoid eating at night time to start losing weight.
To bust with weight loss myth, consider this weight loss formula: Calories in < Calories. It doesn't matter when you take in the calories. As long as you burn them off, you can start losing weight. Unused energy will be stored as fats, whether foods are taken daytime or nighttime. In most cases of weight gain, eating snacks at night leads to over-eating, especially if in good company of friends and family.

Weight loss tips:
1. Eat small portions.
2. Exercise regularly.

There you have common weight loss myths explained and easy, effective weight loss tips which you can easily do at home.

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  1. its very hard to loss weight especially when you are battling with your self. this is very informative i hope i cant follow it.

  2. agee with your post! I hope everyone who want to loss weight can read this! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Great tips. Eat well, eat in moderation, sleep well and exercise a lot. Those are the things I do to lose weight

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  5. i wish to add some more point to it
    1)try fasting once in a week.Helps body to in getting stable metabolism.
    2)Find little time for exercise.I prefer YOGA more.
    3)Avoid heavy food at night.

  6. I often thought frequent exercise was the main key to losing weight; I was wrong, my carbs intake was just too much before. Great tips here. Thanks.

  7. I love this post! winkwink! :)

  8. thanks for your tips for having this kind of food,,,

  9. Now, I learned something. :) Many of us really believe in these myths you mentioned. I know better now. Thanks to you. :)

  10. It is really nice to read these tips for losing weight which are practical. For losing weight eating right is very important and by following above tips losing weight is not a big deal.

  11. Eating at night will make you fat since we will rest/sleep right after eating.

  12. I have just started my new epistane cycle for my athlete meet. It helps me to gain potential and strength. Truly saying it is really good health supplement.

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