Wednesday Rant- Correcting Bloggers Post

We have seen a lot of post on blogging tutorials, tips and any related topics, some bloggers clearly stated their points and made a good impact on the readers. There is no doubt that these topics really helps a lot of bloggers who are on a learning process.

But my concern is or shall I say my rant for this morning is: what if  the author was corrected for some typo error on his post about the tips, tutorial and on how to be a good writer/blogger?

Funny how some people reacted or get back to you after the spell correction you made on their post for good intention. How pitty, he returned the favor by pointing out on all my facebook comment mistakes highlighting the uncapitalized "i" and "face book", lol.

Why can't just say " thank you" or simply correct it or if not possible, just be appreciative that other sincerely read HIS post very well before commenting. Admit it or most of those commenters  did not even bother to read the whole post, they just drop a comment for whatever reasons and it is none of my business anymore.

I encountered one just this morning. I excitedly read the post because of the recommendation of one of the pillars in blogging world. Here goes the conversation on Facebook. I just copy paste it from the groups thread. The correction I made ended up in an argument and it seems that  the blogger that I corrected cannot accept the fact that a nobody like me pointed out some typo error on his post. Oh, well, here is the first part, it was actually a long conversation and I feel sorry for arguing with a very sarcastic individual.

Lesson learned, never correct somebody who won in writing contest many times coz they are very sensitive for correction.

Me: @‎Axxx Bxxx, you have error on the first paragraph " What we to need to do to win? ".tip#5" Most of the competitors never do it more that 2-3 times".kindly edit please

Axxx Bxxx:
‎Tess: Where? I didn't get you, sorry!

Me: you have some correction at the 1st paragraph" What we to need to do to win? "-check this sentence you wrote and remove the"to" " and tip#5 paragraph " Most of the competitors never do it more that 2-3 times" it should be "than" not "that"

Axxx Bxxx: Well, that can't be done now as it is not my blog. Thank you for mentioning.

And it would be much better if you have appreciated for what I have written (about my strategy) than searching for the mistakes. :)

more conversation/argument followed ......
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  1. What the H***! But this is reality. We can't assure how others response to their blog posts. >:/ This conversation just made my night cause I just had this kind of scenerio from work early this afternoon though not grammatical reason. All we have to do is chill and pray for their souls. :)

  2. Yikes.. >.< Anyway, although I'm particular with spelling and grammar, I don't usually point out mistakes of fellow bloggers because of this. Some bloggers are too sensitive and can't see that pointing out their mistakes is not a form of personal attack, but just a simple correction. Sending a PM wouldn't hurt though, but as much as it pains me, I always resort to just ignoring the mistakes to avoid all the drama.

  3. It's not even criticism and he reacts that way. We all make mistakes, I do make mistakes too at my post so it's very normal. I wonder why he reacted that way. Maybe he felt he was a blogging expert but winning a blogging contest doesn't make him a writing expert sometimes it just mean he is good at syndicating his post so he shouldn't be irritated by minor flaws in the article.

  4. Hi Ms. Tess! I'm not one to judge. But when I was reading through your post, I felt the sarcasm brewing in the air. I mean, if the blogger/author did not feel offended by your mere correction, then the case would've been closed shortly after. I mean, an acknowledgment would suffice given that it was only a 'correction', and that it was to help better his content. I guess, if people didn't really know you, they would just really jump to conclusions. You actually took the time to help improve the content, yet the blogger/author retaliates with such sarcasm. :/ But don't worry, we all make our mistakes. And other people like me do appreciate your efforts. :) Happy Friday, Ms. Tess! :)

  5. I think it was a pointless conversation. You were arguing over something that you are both not very good at. Both of you had grammar mistakes while you were pointing out and correcting each other's grammar mistakes. Ironic.

    You had a good intention, though. That I must give you credit for. But you should have just stopped responding after you stated your side. That would have prevented a ridiculous and pointless argument.

    I also have grammar flaws but I wouldn't engage myself in a conversation like this.

    Sorry but after reading this post, I just felt like I needed to say all these.

  6. Oh ya I would hate it if someone pointed the errors in my blog posts. I am sure everyone at some point misspelled a word at one point or anything, but I don't go pointing it out.

  7. I had my encounters before; one was so dreadful as my nemesis was the top political blogger then, she ranted like hell was on the loose. I got traumatized of course...

  8. I did not correct his grammar and I was not actually looking for mistakes, it just to happened that the typo error was in the first paragraph so I called his attention nicely. Hays ,but he just rant me and obviously did not like what I did. Anyway, lesson learned and will not correct somebody else especially this nationality .they are too proud of themselves. Feeling the best, whatever.

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