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Featured Blog #15. One of the best travel and photography blog owned by a well traveled young lady who writes about her adventures from Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Category/Niche: Travel, Photography, Lifestyle
Blog description: My blog is my diary of personal experiences and my travel tales through my pictures. I am presently celebrating my blog’s 100,000 page views, even until now it still amazes me to know that people are visiting my blog. There is something about this blog that lures people to come back and I know it’s not my words but my pictures. So I will continue feeding their fantasy through my photos.

About the blogger:

I am a CPA by profession. I’ve never been a writer but I love photography so even until now with my blogging gig, I still don’t consider myself a writer. I have a day job 8 hours a day, 6 days a week , I run an online shop (http://homefashionshoppe.multiply.com/), I contribute articles at DigitalSpidey.com, I blog when I can, travel when I have the time, I’m a proud home owner, and the most rewarding of all, I’m a daughter/sister/auntie/girlfriend/friend 24/7.

What is the inspiration behind her blog and how long has it been around?

My blog is almost 9 months old. Few weeks of blogging and I got a good review from a foreign blogger saying that I am a “well-traveled and excellent photographer “and gave me my first backlink too. It inspired me so much to continue with my blogging.

How did she get into blogging?

Blogging is an alien world to me actually. My passion for photography and travel has started as a personal thing not to be shared outside my circle of friends and acquaintances. One time I traveled to Boracay for my bday celebration last year and I met a very inspiring lady. We spent time together and I told her about my travels and places I’ve been to and she asked me how come I’m not blogging and I told her that it’s not my thing. We went out sailing one day and we had a near death experience, I had barter with God that if I survived that ordeal I will blog, so here I am... blogging!

What is her favorite blog post and why?

It would be my “Dream Big and Make it Happen” post, for someone as private as me who does not have writing skills, writing something about myself and my beginnings has not been an easy task. I was expecting “negative” comments but instead I got “thank you’s”. Even until now I am humbled to get emails and comments of thank you’s for inspiring people. It is more rewarding for me than the good comments I’m getting for my photos.

Advice/tip she can give to new bloggers to succeed in blogging.

Blog to share your passion and everything will follow. Fulfillment in doing something does not come with financial gains alone, but the rewards of someone appreciating what you are doing and being inspired by your work. So take a deep breath and show the world what you got and wait.. just wait and you will be rewarded with more than what you have imagined. Goodluck!
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  1. It is a truly rewarding experience when a reader appreciates what your write on your blog.


  2. oh yes, i enjoy my time visiting her blog as she takes me to places I have never been. i believe Vivi also has been here to UAE and enjoyed her time

  3. Yey!!, thank you so much Ma'am Tess for this opportunity! ;)

  4. I wish I could be as well-traveled as Vivi! The wanderlust in me has been relegated at home far too long. :)

  5. It's been a while since I visited Violy's Blog but every time I do, I always end up wishing that I was where she was too. Like you said, she is a brilliant photographer and her photos inspire me to travel the world! :3

  6. Congrats for reaching a milestone. You sure have good posts.

  7. I am glad that you are able to share your passion for photography and writing and sharing your travels with others. Keep up the good work!

  8. I love Violy's blog! :) In a way, she inspires me to explore and travel to places I've never been to. I may not have the financial resources to do that now, but like her, I'll strive to fund my own expeditions in the future. Anyway, congrats on this well-deserved feature Ms. Violy! Keep up the great job and keep inspiring us! :)

  9. Love Love Love Violy's blog!!! So hip and happening.. :)

  10. Knowing that your work is appreciated and inspires people in ways more than one are the greatest rewards of all, farther than anything monetary. Congrats, Vivi!

  11. Very cool! It really pays to do what you love. Congrat's Violy! Keep it coming, sis!

  12. Wow!!! This is amazing!!! May you continue inspiring everyone. Thanks

  13. Blogging is all about sharing and expressing your thoughts and feelings.... Nice to know that you are really a blogger at heart and not like those people who just copies the works of others and call themselves "bloggers"... More power!!!

  14. Hope you continue inspiring new comers in this virtual world..

  15. She has a wonderful travel blog. She deserves it :-) The travel pictures she has are all beautiful and detail too :-)

  16. I'd love to be as well-traveled as Vivi :). I like her blog, it's easy on the eye and an entertaining read. It's almost as if I'm transported to those places with the click of a mouse. It's amazing how she's able to juggle so many things in the air with her full time job, online shop and blogging.

  17. She must be so thankful that you have introduced her blog to your blog. It would help her for more traffic, and readers.

  18. I will check out this site and add it to the list of the sites I visit.

  19. I love Vivi's innate talent as a photographer. The camera is just a tool. Yey! ^_^

  20. Proud to be Violy's schoolmate and that she has gone so far as a professional and as a writer. She writes about her travels well and she takes great photos.

  21. thanks everyone for all the good comments! ;) After all the drama of these past weeks and online harassment left and right, I'm getting these good comments and celebrating 100,000 page views, wow! thanks everyone for loving my blog specially my pictures. Will keep them coming. ;)

  22. This is really great. Your reader's speaks a lot about your blog and that is the most important thing. :)

  23. wow congrats violy for being featured here:) I am also following ur blog-love the photos-very crisp and well balanced

  24. Congrats on the feature Vivi! I wish I could travel as much as you do. :)

  25. nicely done tess for featuring violy's blog... her travels outside the phils inspire me to save more ... hihihih i want to visit to europe as well ...thanks violy:D

  26. Another good choice for blog feature, enough reason why I think her blog is one of the best in her niche.

  27. While not intending to become one, fate has a way of showing Vivi that she was born to be a blogger with the mission to inform and inspire others.

  28. I love her photos, her travels, her successes! Congratulations Vivi!

  29. Congrats Vi. I love all your photos at your blog

  30. This is a nice feature! :) Reading her blog now :))

  31. Wow, it was nice meeting you, Vivi! Will bookmark your blog. ;)

  32. I truly appreciate VV's style in photography even though she's not a PRO according to her but herr shots are EXCELLENT!!! Congratulations for being featured in FBW.

  33. I admire people who are good in what they do. I am blogging but i don't know if I am good at it

  34. she and her blog truly deserves a spot... cheers.. :)

  35. She really takes a good picture...

  36. I do not know her personally but I like reading her travel post. It gives me an idea about the beautiful places and tips that she visited.

  37. Congrats to the featured blog :) I hope someday one of my blogs will be featured here too :)

  38. interesting thoughts. thanks for sharing your very informative information

  39. i am happy when i learn our local blogs got positive reviews abroad. travelling is one of my greatest dream and i hope i can fulfill them.

  40. fast rising blog ever I encountered

  41. Guys! Please feature my blog too! I am also a Filipino. 15 years old lang po ako at proud po ako na nakagawa ako ng blog. This is the link leading to my blog: http://mybadmintonblog.blogspot.com/ . It is an information blog which is almost like a website and not a blog. It is just less than 2 months old but I have done so much for it and I think that badminton enthusiasts and players will love this. Please do not consider this as spam. I just do not know how to contact you. It seems that you can only be contacted if we want to guest post on your site.

  42. It's nice to know the person behind Filipino Bloggers Worldwide. It's nice to know more about you as well.

  43. Congratulations on the feature Vivi! May you always bring your readers stories and adventures through your blog. Keep it up!

  44. I think it’s really worth of reading this blog and makes the reader more interest. And I wish I will add your tips to my future works.

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