Featured Blog - The Purple Doll, a personal-turned-food-blog

Featured Blog #14.  When it comes to restaurant and food review,  nothing beats Purple Doll. The blog posts are all well written by Sumi Go, a 21 year old writer and photographer.

Blog Name: The Purple Doll, a personal-turned-food-blog
Category/Niche: Food
Blog description: The Purple Doll is a personal-turned-food blog detailing the doll's food adventures as she explores Metro Manila’s restaurants, buffets, caf├ęs and even food stalls. It houses not just informative and entertaining food reviews, but also a treat for the hungry eyes.

Initially though, The Purple Doll was an online creative outlet for Sumi's photography, writing itch and random ramblings. But amidst her scattered thoughts, the foodie in her prevailed, making The Purple Doll what it is today.

About the blogger:

Sumi is a jack of all trades, or so she believes. She loves to write, a passion which she discovered when she joined the school publication back in elementary. She also has a strong interest in photography, as well as in web and graphic design.

Prior to her blogging days, Sumi enjoyed  cosplaying, as well as singing Japanese and Korean songs on Youtube.

What is the inspiration behind her blog and how long has it been around?

The Purple Doll has been in the cyberspace for barely 10 months. From the blog name, you can already infer that Sumi wanted it to become her online diary and creative outlet.

How did you she into blogging?

While waiting for her graduation back in October 2011, Sumi started The Purple Doll blog to pass the time. Little did she know that she'll grow attached to the wonders of blogging and will continue to do it even while working.

What is her favorite blog post and why?

Sumi makes an effort to always put her best in every post that she publishes. And with a continuously growing number of restaurant reviews, it's hard to choose one which she deems to stand out.

However if she really has to choose, it'd be Intramuros: Reliving Stories of the Walled City, Sumi's travel write-up entry for the Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012 and a post which won her the photography challenge from the same competition.

Advice/tip she can give to new bloggers to succeed in blogging.

I may be a newbie to the blogsphere, but I'd like to remind my fellow bloggers to keep the flame alive. If you have the passion, nurture it and you'd not only be successful but will also continuously be happy with blogging. Of course, make sure to stay personable and never ever step on someone's toes.
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  1. I read Sumi's blog and I always end up craving for food which is just a testament of how great a food blogger she is.

  2. Sumi's blog posts always make me hungry, haha!

  3. I love Sumi!!!! :D Hahahahaha She's an awesome food blogger and a great person. I can say that even though I've only met her once. :) She takes such awesome photos and writes really good articles :D I'm a huge fan!

  4. Whew! I didnt know that purple doll is running only for 10 months.. for I was thinking that shes been doing it for years as I idolize her blogging spirit. perfect choice of words and she's right! -she hits a personable attitude towards the readers.

  5. I'm glad to have known Sumi! Fellow LaSallian! Woot! :D She really writes well and takes such breath-taking photos!

  6. Congrats on the feature, Sumi! Not only does she write awesome reviews, she takes hella good photos, too! :)

  7. Aside from wonderfully taken photos, she describes each food in the plate in a manner that would make you want to experience yourself.

  8. The presentation itself made me forget about my diet. Plus the the writing, oh, I'm on a binge!

  9. Thank you so much for featuring me and my blog here at Filipino Bloggers Worldwide. It's such an honor! And thank you so much for the kind comments, everyone! Hope my blog can make you drool more~ :D

  10. I like her idea of "keeping the flame alive"
    What more can I say about her? (Aside from being a foodie writer, a photographer and a cute Chinita girl.) She's lovely, smart and dedicated to her blog. She requires her post to quality, in deed. :)

  11. I wonder how Sumi remains so thin despite going to all those restaurants. Must just mean, she's directing us to go to the right type of food. More power to the purple doll!

  12. The title of her blog alone is already enticing... The Purple Doll. I do enjoy reading her posts. Before I try out a new restaurant, I'd want to hear what someone has to say about it first. Reviews are important.

  13. Great blog! The photos will definitely make you hungry

  14. I'm a fan. Sumi is my top foodie blogger. Great photographs and food reviews. Love to see The Purple Doll featured in FBW! Congrats, Sumi! =)

  15. Wow, our blogs started roughly at the same time. I thought her blog has been up for a least a year or more. Keep us craving for more Sumi! ;)

  16. only 10 months and already gaining good reviews from the readers... Congrats!!

  17. The first time I read Sumi's blog I wondered why it's titled The Purple Doll and so with the color is purple. I presume that this particular color is Sumi's favorite. I enjoy reading Sumi's blog from foods and to photography. More power... keep on blogging!

  18. Sumi! congrats on being featured here! :) More power to your food blog and more foodtrips to us! :)

  19. yes she's relly good, i will follow this blog =)

  20. Congratulations Sumi! Well deserved!

  21. Wow. I didn't know either that the blog was just up for 10 months. It feels like you've been doing it for a long time. Congratulations Sumi and more power. :)

  22. Sumi deserved all the credits. I love the way she blog. I idolize her.

  23. Sumi's blog deserves this feature slot. It is one of the best in its niche.

  24. There has never been a dull Sumi blog post

  25. Thanks for inspiring us bloggers. Sometimes, the knack will just getaway and you miss doing things you do alone. But that's life, keep blogging!

  26. i've always loved food... feels like a reward and visiting her site is never a disappointment and gives you ideas of what to try next...

  27. Sumi do have a very fine nice blog. Love her food shots.

  28. agree, keep the fire burning or else it will all simply go down

  29. Congratz! Im a big fan of Sumi. XD

  30. *yey* Congrats Sumi!
    I love her photos most of all. They capture the colors so well. Which makes me wonder "ang ganda nang lighting lagi!"
    I love that she orders 3-4 dishes. Has 2-3 new article every week. Yet She never gets fat! Unfair ( T-T)

  31. It's nice of you to feature bloggers here. Congrats to the chosen featured blogger.

  32. I love Sumi! She's always nice and ready to smile! Thank you for featuring her :))

  33. i so loved the blog and info, very usful.

  34. sumi's blog is amazing!! love all her restuarants reviews and expect all true and real life reviews from her xx

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