Shipment by Sea, Getting Other Options and Prices

Shipment by Sea

Senders and recipients need to understand that there are options during shipment. Majority of companies focuses on shipping goods by land or sea. Having these two options will give opportunities for customers to prioritize important documents and products. Others usually send items for personal and business needs. Today, the rise of the shipping industry is evident especially for product and document handling. Shipment by sea may require special requirements since the containers must be of good quality. Remember that these will carry fragile and heavier items. Customers need to consider prices, time frame of shipment and overall service.

Shipment by Sea

In every shipment, customers are always conscious of the latest prices. To further understand the changes in rates, people must see the breakdown of important details. Of course, rates usually vary in various countries.

U.S. Business Services - $1-5,000/cubic meter (Maersk)
Sea freight from Shenzhen to Johannesberg - $10- $50 per cubic meter (CMA, MSC and Maersk)
International shipping rate – US $3 to $10 per kilogram (DHL)

The details above are just a few things you need to take note. The type of containers that will be used for shipment plays a significant role in protecting products. When buying shipping containers, people must observe the length, width and its total capacity. If you are really looking at the real quality of containers, consider buying the new ones. Unfortunately, many people today are on a tight budget. Buying second hand containers is optional. Don’t worry because the prices are lower than newer containers. Before the actual shipment takes place, others must properly check the exact parts of containers. The edges and portions at the bottom are very important.

Choose the Shipping Company

Getting the value of money is still important these days so a reputable shipping company should be on top of the list when a shipment occurs. Delays are killers of businesses and relationships so experiencing a great service should always be seen. In sea freight, there are already reported cases regarding lost and damaged goods. The main purpose of contacting a reputable firm is to secure complete commodities. People can never tell the risks involved especially when shipping items by sea. Huge companies usually have reliable vessels that are responsible for transporting heavier containers. These are perfectly placed in a location where there are no chances of getting them misplaced or broken.

Easy Inquiry

If people hate to spend too much time traveling, the options are getting in touch via phone and email. There is an online price quote especially for customers who are trying to manage their limited budget. Most companies allow people to navigate their websites in order to check the services and current prices. Again, prices are different in each shipping company and it depends on the services acquired.

It is still safe to pick a company that has a proven track record in shipping sensitive items. The choices have to be made by customers. Don’t just rely on reviews alone and consider the previous services provided by the firm. These may answer all the questions.

About the Author: Jevelme Frago is a freelance writer for, a website providing a shipping tips on different items. 
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  1. For large cargo, we also prefer shipment by sea. Mas mura pumapatak eh. :)

  2. My Mum prefers shipment by sea as well. It's cheaper compared to air cargo. :)

  3. interesting info and good tips....

  4. Shipment by sea is still the preferred route because of price considerations. Thanks for highlighting this fact.

  5. I've never had anything shipped. I'm scared that customs would "lose" it. But thanks for this. :)

  6. Ok pla ang shipment kaisa air cargo.. yun lang matagal dumating sa iyo yung package. I still prefer air cargo.

  7. Whenever my mom would send something for my kids, she would always have it shipped because it is much cheaper compare to air cargo. But if she needs to send documents and gadgets, she would send it via air cargo para daw mas mabilis

  8. Personally I think, sea shipment is recommendable if you got bigger volume to save on cost and prices. But if minimum like 1 or 2 boxes only I will prefer air cargo, it will likewise come earlier and faster. But thanks for sharing the general idea and enlightenment.

  9. shipment by sea is much convenient for those who sell in bulks.. but by air, its advisable when the buyer is "apurado".. whew, in great rush

  10. For bulk products or items, shipment by sea is ideal. It is cheaper too, though you really have to dedicate time for the waiting period.

  11. shipment by sea is great in terms of cost but it all depends to what type of commodity will you ship.. if it is something perishable and its a long way travel then it is not advisable to do so.. there are pros and cons to every type of shipment and all should also be aware of that..

    thanks for sharing

  12. I'm an inspiring seaman and I find this post so useful. Now i know the shipment process:D

  13. The information contained in this post is quite useful for businesses although people in their individual capacity would do well to be aware of this.

  14. Thanks Jevelme for sharing the above info. Shipment by the sea is much cheaper but I think, much slower in terms of time of delivery and arrival right?

  15. Actually, both land transport and sea freight could be used if the freight transaction is what you call "door to door". It is common here in the Philippines right?

    Sea Freight Philippines

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