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Featured Blog  #13  What makes this travel blog unique and different from all other travel blogs in the Philippines is its being Nationalistic. Nanardxz, created the blog not only  for his love to his beloved home province but also to help his fellow Filipinos to know that South Cotabato is rich with Cultural Heritage, has lots of fantastic tourist attractions to offer and is one of the best place to live in the Philippines. Happy Birthday Nanardxz!

Blog Name: SouthCotabato.Org
Category/Niche: Travel/News
Blog description: Everything you need to know about South Cotabato, the latest happenings and events, updates on latest developments and more.

About the blogger:

I am Nanardxz, a proud South Cotabateño, a college undergraduate who took up Nursing. I usually go online every 5 hours everyday because I am into online jobs aside from blogging. I love South Cotabato, and that's what I am writing about.

What is the inspiration behind his blog and how long has it been around?

The lack of positive posts about South Cotabato online way back 2010, our numerous local tourist attractions and the people of South Cotabato, they are my inspirations why I continue blogging. Posting about positive things in the province and getting positive responses from my kababayans motivates me and makes me love what I am doing.

How did he get into blogging?

Way back 2010, I created South Cotabato Tambayan, a social networking site using the NING platform, it was a hit that many of my fellow South Cotabateños have joined especially from abroad.Most of them were OFW's, they started asking me for updates of what is happening around the province, news, etc., and from then on, I begun posting updates, photos and stuffs. I then created a site on blogspot, South Cotabato News and still using it up to now. I want my fellow South Cotabateños to be informed and to help in the promotion of our beautiful province, there are  lots of positive things that still needs to be posted online about South Cotabato.

What is his favorite blog post and why?

My favorite blog post so far is my list of 10 Things to do in South Cotabato. Through that post I was able once again let the whole world wide web knew that South Cotabato has a lot of things to offer them when they came for a visit.

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  1. for sure they will guide me though my travel adventure there, Ive never been in South Cotobato but if faith takes me there I will embrace it

  2. Wow never been to South Cotobato before. I will definitely look into this blog if I ever find my way there. Its good to know that there are people sharing the good things about that part of our country. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! Nardz! level up na! I am proud of u! ;-)

  4. This is very nice of u Ms Tess featuring blogs in your site... And to Nanardz, Through your blog i learned a lot about your place South Cotabto... Honestly i've never been to the Mindanao and if given a chance i would love to explore South Cotabato... ^___^

  5. nice of you to feature bloggers, it's one good way of knowing fellow bloggers more...more power to you mam Tess!

  6. I've been to GenSan once but it was a brief stop as part of a Mindanao tour. The site featured is very informative. Will read the blog to find out more about places to see and things to do in South Cotabato.

  7. I like SouthCotabato.org because he passionately promotes South Cotabato area as a tourist destination.

  8. This a very informative site. I want to visit South Cotabato soon. ;)


  9. He deserves to be one of the featured bloggers here. Happy Birthday!

  10. South Cotabato is the place where the famous Asik-Asik falls is located. It is located in Alamada, the waterfall is so fresh and the views there are great.

  11. South Cotabato needs a voice and by featuring this blog it now has a voice. Great one!

  12. promoting one's place is a great advocacy. more power.

  13. Nice feature, Ms. Tess. Since I am not really a traveler this site will help me know more about one part of my country.

  14. Featuring blogs is a great way to help fellow bloggers in our common goal which is to bring out the information needed by the public, aside from the bloggers' personal views and opinions in a whole range of topics.

  15. Good job, Nanardxz. Good way to promote and represent South Cotabato.

  16. great network.. hmm this made me thinking hahahah what if i make one too for my place hahaha..

  17. Great resource site if you want to know more about South Cotabato. Thanks for featuring this.

  18. Awesome, I really appreciate features like this. It opens doors and possibilities to newcomer in blogging.

  19. Kudos to Nanardxz for exerting effort into promoting South Cotabato. I admit, when I hear this place, negativities enters my mind. But with this, it opens up a different portal to what the province is all about. I thank you Nanardxz, for that =)

  20. great blog lalo na sa mga mahilig mag-travel. :)

  21. Congratz and good job in taking us to South Cotabato through our monitors. ^_^

  22. Thanks FBW and fellow bloggers for all your kind words..FBW has been a big help in my mission of letting the whole world find out what's good about South Cotabato, let's continue blog about the good things in our localities! :D

  23. Hi! Nanardxz, great site! I'm reading the 10 Things to do in South Cotabato. Love the photos! =)

  24. Interesting sites, it really takes us down south and experienced the happenings even when we are not there.

  25. Nice. Congrats! and belated happy birthday. :)

  26. If somebody wants to know more about South Cotabato, this is the site to go.

  27. Congrats. Way to go South Cotabato!

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