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Blog Name : Budget Biyahera
Category/Niche : Travel / Budget Travel
Blog Description : Budget Biyahera is a travel blog. It also speaks of budget travels and other family-oriented journeys.

About the blogger

Mai is a Clothing Technology graduate from UP Diliman. A fashion design graduate turned Freelance Writer / Travel & Food Blogger, she now enjoys every moment in her change of careers.

She mostly blogs about her love for traveling, while documenting (with photos, travel cost sheets, etc.) her trips from different parts of the Philippines and Asia. She also aspires to travel around the world, and also hopes to publish her stories in God's pleasant time.

What is the inspiration behind your blog and how long has it been around? 

Mai started blogging about her travels after realizing that she wanted to share the 'budget-conscious-wanderluster' in her. She started blogging in 2008.

She also grew up with a family of 13 members. And this meant getting trained to learn the disciplines of keeping everyday things on a budget. And ever since then, noting expense breakdowns, and making various itineraries for her family and friends made her hone this 'organizational' skill. Later, putting this to good use in terms of traveling local and international destinations.

How did you get into blogging?

Mai has gone past the stage of noting travel-related stuff on her notebook, which lead her into exploring the dainty features of a blog. She started on the Wordpress platform, which eventually lead to her transfer to Blogger. 

What is your favorite blog post and why?

Mai's favorite blog post would have to be her very first entry: The Birth of Budget Biyahera . Her late father's influence has brought her to love traveling. He helped her embrace the wanderluster in her. 

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  1. Thank you sooooooooo much for this humble feature, Ms. Tess and FBW! :) Mabuhay kayo! :) God bless po. :)

  2. I love reading travel blogs because they always inspire me. :)

  3. yehey, proud of my sister, Budget Biyahera!
    sana ma-discover din yun English version: cheap travel for women. haha.

    Hi Tita Tess!

  4. Aww I love this! Congratulations, Mai, for being featured! So well-deserved! :-)

  5. Sounds like a helpful blog :) I'll take a look at her articles. I'm planning several trips for the rest of the year, her tips will come in handy

  6. Thank you Ms. Tess, Lizzie, Irene and Cams! Thanks sis Shawi.. send in your blog details na para ikaw na ang next na ma-feature!!! :)

  7. Wow! Budget Byahera is here! Way To go!! :)

  8. This is a great opportunity, congrats!

  9. It's nice to know a certain Fashion Design Graduate turns into blogging :) Now that you've found your real passion, we are here to support!

  10. A great help for budget-conscious folks like me to travel more :)

  11. Your passion will always find the way for you to be at ease, to be well-comforted, and to be with your own. Mai, you've found it. Make the best of it. Congratz. More power!

  12. This is really a cool concept!!! Thanks again Ms. Tess for allowing me the chance to be featured here.. Thanks Sir Francis, somehow your comment made me feel na nakikilala mo na ako as a travel blogger :P Thanks AnnCash! Thanks din Sir Francis..salamat po talaga sa support! My support for FBW is towards all of you as well! God bless you po! :)

  13. thanks for the information.. great job Ms Tess on creating a great profile

  14. Congrats Mai and keep it up. I truly enjoy reading your posts and been excited with your whereabouts.

  15. I am a fan of Budget Biyahera as I find Mai's travel posts really informative and helpful. Kudos to budget biyahera and to Ms. Tess for acknowledging her great talent and contribution to travelers.:)

  16. I have visited Budget Biyahera a lot of times and every visit is like a new experience. Love Mai's way of writing :) She's cool!

  17. Kinikilig po ako habang binabasa ang mga komento niyong lahat -- special mention po kay Ms. Gigi at Ms. Blanca.. Fan niyo rin po ako!!! Salamat din po kay Unsugarcoated Reviews, Sir Gil, at Ms. Leira. :)

  18. Definitely a worthy blog to be featured here! One of my favorite sites. Mai is also a supportive blogger. Her comments in my blog are always insightful. She clearly reads the post and shares her opinions intelligently.

  19. I love that Mai have chisen her first post as her favorite :) simple yet it was really touching to share that his father was a great influence to her writing :)

  20. hmm nice to meet u Mai, I just wonder why you transfer from WP to Blogger where mostly its the other way around

  21. nice post Tess...kailan kaya ako...hahahahah

  22. Budget Biyahera ftw! Love her blog

  23. congratulations ms. Mai for being featured :)
    you deserved it

  24. aww... this is inspiring. i want to be a known bloggr someday

  25. congrats Mai! we're learning a lot from reading different blogs...

  26. Hi Ms. Tess, hope ok lang ako magReply at magThank you sa blogger friends natin. :)

    Salamat po ulit Ms. Maxi, thank you for the kind words. :) Sir AJ, THANK YOU! I make sure na laging malaman ang comments ko..hihi! Salamat sa acknowledgement. :) Hey Berylle, kaka-touch naman. :) Hi Chrisair -- Actually, I've found blogger a lot easier to manipulate compared to WP (that's just me). :) Thank you po sa lahat ng nagVisit at nagbasa nito, merlmd, RM Bulseco, April, Liezel C.

    Happy Weekend everyone! You've made me so happy! :)

  27. Mai, your posts really helps people to travel on a budget. Cheers to more posts from you!

  28. congrats to Ms. Mai!
    im always looking forward seeing her comments on my blog. she's nice ksi.. :D

  29. Kudos Ms.Tess for launching this blog and this new feature. It is a boost to the FBW members. You have a good material in Ms. Mai and have been following her blog since we had the ComEx.Hope to be featured here too!

  30. Great to know more about Mai.

  31. I would like to commend Ms. Tess for putting up
    this segment on her site... featuring bloggers and
    sharing it to others with personal touch. I congratulate MAI
    for being the second to hit the spotlight in FBW. You well deserve
    it. You're such a person with intellect but of great humility.

  32. Thank you po for the nice words and compliments MissGennD, Ms. Airra, Ms. Mhe-Anne, Ms. Janette, Ms. Marri, Yuuki & Sir Mark Pogi!! God bless po! :)

  33. Thank you @doc merlmd,I am very much happy to feature you in FBW.Thank you guys to all your heartwarming comments.

  34. I love reading travel blogs such as this one, Since I didn't get to travel that much (no free time)

  35. HI every one!
    I love writing sa mga blogs. lalo na kapag may sasabihin ako..mga bagay bagay..(malayang paghahayag ng nararamdaman)

    Naaalala ninyo ba ng high school kayo iyong libro na binasa ninyo sa Filipino?History book? Literature? at ang Librong isinulat ni Rizal.
    Naisip ko lang maraming taong nagdaan na pala..sa ASIA alam ko kasama ang Pilipinas sa MAPA..
    Pero bakit ganoon no? Sa lahat ng pinaka masama Pilipinas kasama..(kakalungkot)
    Pero pagdating sa Pag-ahon at kabutihan para sa bansa natin..(hinde kasama ang Pilipinas)
    We Filipino People don't belong in any good news in the world! (kakahiya diba?)
    Bakit kaya? kasi po tayo mismong mga Pinoy ang sumisira rito.
    We don't respect our selves. kanya kanya tayo. Crab Mentality..we all have that.
    Sana naman Mahiya tayo kahit kunti lang..gumawa naman tayo ng mabuti kahit simple lang ng walang kapalit..
    Kailan ko kaya mababasa sa newspaper na ang headline hinde tungkol sa Actress or Actor? hinde sa Pag patay? Sino kaya ang ang magkakaroon ng lakas ng loob na mag bandera ng economic statements ng bansa natin?..Sino kaya ang maglalakas ng loob na magsasabi na Panalo kami ng Bayan ko..
    well, isapa..Sa mga models..Sa india, indian citizen ang mga models nila pure indians as respect to their culture, even on China, Korean, and other Asians..
    Pero sa Pinas walang Respeto sa Sariling Kulay at Bayan..
    Even sa Culture walang pakialam...
    Sa Sports AZCALS, more Players their are not Pilipinos..
    They're Half Filipinos, yes they are..but, marunong ba silang magtagalog? hinde nga eh..diba?
    Look at their surnames..
    Sana naman kunting respeto sa Pangalan ng Bansa natin kahit kunti lang nasa Flat world na po tayo..

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