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Category/Niche : Personal
Blog Description :  My blog is all about me, my personal experiences, the things learned and those I have regret. I also blog about certain events that matter and those that need attention- those that deserve to be spoken of.

About the blogger : I'm a girl with hair as long as her patience, and spirit as strong and fierce as her eyes. A girl who knows more than she ought to, yet remains innocent in the eyes of many. A girl who would prefer to be labeled as "Trisha". ΓΌΓΌ

I started blogging almost 3 years ago, but only got serious with it last year. But not serious in a way that I go crazy when I can't post.  Serious in the means of being more passionate on the hobby. I believe writing is a gift, if you don't have it, you could always learn from other people, and from yourself as well.

I have learned a whole lot from blogging and socializing with FBW, and I am very glad to belong to a group as helpful as this. So glad to be a part of it.  Hoping for more and more knowledge about blogging and being a better person in and out of the blogging world. 

How did you get into blogging?

I have been inspired by reading books, and by the blogs of other people. I also love editing and art, which is also applied in blogging, by designing and making themes. I got into blogging after an amazing experience happened to me, and I could not help myself but to blog about it.

What is your favorite blog post and why?

My favorite blog post is all about what inspires me, and one that entitled "God, I Am Sorry" which is all about my faith in God. I love that post, and I have been more into blogging after that. 

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  1. I'm very happy you chose TKUexclusive, Ma'am. :) Thank you very much!

  2. Trisha seems to be a delightful blogger and her blog, TKUExclusive is filled with posts that are fun to read. Just by going through her blog updates, you know that she does speak from her experiences and from her heart.

    Glad to see Trisha's blog being featured here. She deserves it!

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  4. Congrats to the featured blogger! :)

  5. It's inspiring to read from passionate bloggers. Keep inspiring others and keep blogging! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. I have been to the featured blog quite recently and it's nice to see things from a different person's perspective. :)

    I hope one day I'll be awesome enough to be featured here as well! :)

    Congrats to the featured blogger, well deserved feature. :)

  7. Congrats to FBW's Featured Blogger!!! :)

  8. Congrats to the featured blogger! :) Love how positive Trisha is.. Reading her blog posts is a delight :)

  9. Wow she is very humble, congrats and may you continue love what you are doing Trisha.

  10. aww, my shobe featured on this blog. congrats!

  11. thanks for all the comments.Trisha deserves to be featured here.

  12. Congrats Trish! I'm so proud of you! hahaha :D

  13. Congrats to the Featured Blogger!

  14. nice featured blogger :) i think she's a great person / writer :)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  15. Congrats Trisha! :) Keep it up! :)

  16. Congrats Thrisha I also adore your blog keep on blogging

  17. Congrats to the featured blogger. It's not often that I stumble on blogs talking about God, a fresh breath. Keep it up!

  18. Thank you very much, everybody. :3

  19. i love trisha's blog kasi it's very well-rounded and she speaks from experience too :)

  20. Nice to see a personal blog featured here. It's less about business and more about self-expression. :)

  21. Congrats Trish! Be an inspiration to other bloggers!

  22. Congrats! I wish to be featured here also. Yay! :D

  23. Congrats Trisha! You're post on God, I am sorry was so heartfelt.

  24. It's great to know that one of the bloggers I'm following is featured here. Galing! =)

  25. COngrats again Trisha! Best of luck to you! :)

  26. I've read your post 'God, I am sorry' and I find it very sincere. I was more surprised to see that you are still very young. I am proud of young and pretty girls who can talk with a lot of sense like you :)

  27. Congrats to Trisha! I agree with you, writing is really a gift.. you may learn it (like a skill) but to give life to it, you gotta have talent!

  28. Now I know more about the blogger behind the blog, thanks for featuring blogs, TBW.

  29. She's always cheerful and positive and it shows in her posts :)

  30. I'll tell my friends to check out this blog. :)

  31. great to meet you online Xclusive! may you continue to share what's inside your beautiful mind.

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  33. Thank you all for visiting and commenting to our featured blog.

  34. I am intrigued. I'll go read Trisha's blog later.

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