Santiago- Mon Tulfo Fight Second Video Released

The video will tell who really started the fight. The guy in pink , whoever he is, obviously is on Santiago-Baretto's side showed no respect to the media man. Well, the truth will come out eventually.

This video is the the first part of the previous video that was released  a few weeks ago.

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  1. It's really hard to judge anyone here because we don't know the whole truth. It's easy for anyone to blow things out of proportion or to distort facts. I think this is going to be a drawn-out battle between both parties...

  2. truth be told! the truth will set us free... gotta work on values :)

  3. unti unti ng lalabas ang katotohanan......dahil never mananakit ng babae si Tulfo at hindi siya mag uumpisa talaga ng gulo.....

  4. Naia ang may kasalan jan! Puro pagnanakaw lang ang tinitignan nila jan! Kaya wala camera! My goodness wala camera ang naia. Dahil ayaw nila makita ang pagnanakaw ng mga officers ng naia!

  5. Sino ba yung naka pink na yan pahamak yan eh, pero mukang maayus ng parehas ang kampo siguro nagkapatawaran na

  6. Dahil sa nangyaring rambol sa Naia marami nawalan ng respeto sa pamilya ni Raymart. Almost lahat ng tao naniniwala kay Mon e.

  7. Team Tulfo ako... hahaha... Unless kasama si Miriam sa Team Santiago. Wala man lang security na nag step in sa NAIA.

  8. I won't side with any of them... for TULFO... you shouldn't hurt a girl. For Raymart, you shouldn't hit an elderly. For Claudine... you should learn how to act like a lady... but your lipstick is great... coz after all the craze... it's still perfect LOL

  9. I heard a of things on FB about that guy in pink shirt. HAHA

  10. ...and the truth shall set you free talaga.

  11. natawa naman ako dun sa lipstick ni Claudine, pansin ko nga rin yon, ano ayang brand?

  12. yung naka pink na guy ,umalis na raw ng bansa after ng brawl.

  13. move on na sana sa skandalong eto.zzz

  14. Naku. haha grbe talaga ang issue na yan!

  15. I don't know if this is absolute proof of who started the fight but one thing's for sure, I hate people who hit others like that on the head. It reeks of superiority complex.

  16. Horrible. This is a funny vid. Lumalabas totoong nangyayari. Hehehe. Hirap talaga pag artista kalaban mo, gagaling umarte. Hehehe.

  17. Not sure where that guy in pink now. He's been quiet even after the incident. I think, the Santiago's are protecting him or whatever.. I just hope, Tulfo will pursue the case.

  18. The guy in pink left the country already according to Boy Abunda of the Buzz during the interview with Mon Tulfo

  19. A CCTV video at the NAIA moments before the scuffle could help in the investigation.

  20. I think both were at fault, but the heavier fault is with the Santiago group. Very uncivilized of them. I hope justice prevails. The 3 month ban on T3 is also too much.

  21. Grabe noon pa man si claudine may ugali mg parang palengkera nahawa na ata si raymart..

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