Renting College Textbooks

Renting college textbooks is becoming very widespread nowadays. More and more parents and students have appreciated the importance of renting textbooks compared to buying it. An estimate of almost $1000 is spent annually on college textbooks if you chose to buy it. But rather that buying the textbooks that can only be used once, the most economical way to do is just rent the needed textbooks. By renting the books from  Campus Book Rentals, you will get to save as much as 40-90% off of the bookstore prices. Renting textbooks comes with flexible renting periods and free shipping when receiving or returning the books.


If the idea of renting college textbooks is kind of new to you, searching and surfing to the website for a book that relates to something that you studied might encourage you to try renting at least one book. The experience will help you get to know the usual process and help you locate the book you needed at a very affordable price. Aside from the big savings that renting college textbooks can offer, another advantage is the extra space that you can save for the bookshelves since you won’t be stocking any books right after the semester.

Renting books could not only benefit the student but the charity as well. With every textbook rented, donations are given to help the projects of Operation Smile. Renting college textbooks do not just transform the lives of the students but also changes the lives of the children with cleft lip or cleft palate. Your support leads the way to effective and safe surgeries for the children with cleft palate worldwide. There are still a lot of children waiting to be healed around the globe. With just a little help, you are able to contribute heaps to change the life of a child forever.

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  1. This one new good way to help those who prefer not to buy those sets of books. I just hope this can also be considered in the Philippines.

  2. It's been years since I finished college so I don't really think I can help. Least I can do is to share this on my FB wall to encourage fiends who are still studying..

  3. i think this is best especially for those who's having a hard time carrying books or buying a more expensive one :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  4. That's a lot of savings especially for students who only use a particular book for a short span of time. I'll have my college brother check this site for future references. =)

  5. I did not know that there is such thing as renting a book. What I know is borrowing a book in the library. Anway, this is good escially for those who can't afford buying a book.

  6. During my college years, I remembered buying second hand books. Renting means saving a lot more money than buying second hand book so this is definitely of a big help to everyone!


  7. Even here in the Philippines, renting, borrowing or buying 2nd hand college books is very rampant. Actually, I bought my accounting book 2nd hand.. ^^ Hmm.. I just remembered, a college friend haven't returned my marketing book yet.. >.<

  8. Surprisingly enough, sometimes buying textbooks used and then selling them back at the end of the semester ends up being cheaper. Renting is a great option, though. I've always looked at renting, ebooks, and used and bought whichever was cheapest.

    There are also sites--like will gather all the prices of a textbook from various sites so you can see what the cheapest options are. A nice one-stop shop to save some money, like we all like to.

  9. I haven't tried renting textbooks when i was in college but i bought second hand books! :) both frugal and practical

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