Check If Your Yahoo Mail Password Is Leaked! [With Solution]

Earlier today, 453,000 user accounts (Yahoo mail login details) have been retrieved and hacked in plaintext from an unconfirmed service on Yahoo. Even though Yahoo officially said that only 5% of the accounts are alive and valid, still, it's a serious issue and security threat. For sure, you are one of the many who wanted to know if your account is one of those emails. Checking a list of 453,000 data along with its technical information can be a bit tiring and stressful. Good thing, a tool has emerged to the rescue.

Sucuri Malware Labs offered their newly created Yahoo Leak Password Checker for free online for all people around the world.

 Using this tool is pretty easy. Just plugin your Yahoo email and hit CHECK EMAIL button and  your done. Results will be given if your mail is hack or not. If ever your mail is one of those hacked accounts, don't worry that much, Sucuri do also have a solution for that. If your email was compromised, Sucuri recommends you follow the steps posted at their ASK Sucuri: What should I do if my email is in the Yahoo Leak? article post.

Hope this blog post helps.

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  1. Nice post tess.....really helpful...just checked iam safe :)

  2. I have just checked and looks like my account has not been compromised :) yahooo :) but still thanks big relief for me , very useful info u have shared

  3. Are we sure our emails don't get logged somewhere for future use if we use the offered solution? Just a thought. :)

  4. WOW

    nice information, many people have google account and they use it sometimes for their business, it is necessary to think about its security.

    Thanks :)

  5. Thanks for this revealing post. We can never be too careful with protecting our online information. I will check if my yahoo account has been compromised.

  6. great bLog !

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