Tito Sotto on "Copying as the Highest Form of Flattery"

We still read a lot about Senator Tito Sotto and the latest  was the Rappler's post with picture and video titled " Sotto, Enrile laugh off plagiarism complaints." Watching the video and looking at the photo, Sotto obvioulsy laughs just to hide the embarrassment  for plagiarizing but his face cannot hide the  true feeling of guiltiness  while Enrile and the people surrounding him obviously faked their laughs just to ride on the issue for a reason, well after all politics is politics.

And the latest  from Facebook from InterAksyon, www.interaksyon.com

"Senator Vicente Sotto III took to the Senate floor on Tuesday afternoon, and offered an apology to the family of the late New York Senator Robert Kennedy for having lifted from Kennedy's speech without attribution. He added, however:

"Copying, imitation, is the highest form of flattery. If it upsets the Kennedy family, then I am sorry, but then that's not my intention."

The Facebook users reactions:
  •  highest form of flattery pa ang nasabi....
  •  iba ung imitation as form of flattery at copyright infringement/plagiarism hehe. sotto ka tlga oo.
  • ewan ung bakit nagka ganyan yan. buti na lng di ko sya binoto. Lech!
  • hyper na namn si tita madam Glo hehe.
  • ayos! kada explain nya or bawi sa nagawa nyang pagkakamali, isa na namang pagkakamali ang bibitawan lolz , di na lang kasi magsorry at wag nang magpalusot
  • di naman... ampf!
  • di ba nga MC, simpleng sorry lang actually ang hinihingi nung blogger na kinopyahan nya and ng mga bloggers na tinawag nyang "bloggers lang" dami pa nya satsat
  • darling of the tweets yang si Sotto eh. =>
  • oo nga, kaya hindi matapos-tapos yang issue nya eh :D
  • he can't admit that what he did was wrong... :(
  • hehe! ganun di dapat pala ay ma-flatter pa yung mga movie makers sa mga nagtitinda ng copies hehe!
No comment, these people are just saying their piece. Good luck Tito Sen. We are hoping for the best  and clear your name regarding  this controversial issue.

Tito Sotto Plagiarized a Blog Post

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  1. I have been following about this Sotto stuff and grabe talaga, this man is a disgrace and a shame to the Philippine Senate! I hope the US bloggers and The Kennedy's will give this man a lesson. Sue Sotto for Copyright Infringement! Nakakahiya tong senador na ito!

  2. Flaterry pala ha, that's a shame that he would say that. That only shows that he has no respect to other's work or ideas.

  3. yesterday I had a chance reading the letter from Kennedy..I hope Sotto will learn his lesson...

  4. They should set an example, senador pa naman. It is really a disgrace and I do hope he'll learn his lesson and do not act so arrogant about it.

  5. this thing done by one of a "named" personality in the country really put the country a very bad image... how i wish Sen. Sotto would just accept his faults and be humbled.. :(

  6. omg, what an embarrassment to our country. he should be impeached! joke! hehe gosh... he is one kapalmukz politician.

  7. I agree to those who said na sana he just apologize and shut his mouth. The issue is really taking longer. Indeed exposing again our country to shame.

  8. I just watched the most recent update earlier regarding this issue and its is really stupid of some of his allies to tell people to just forget about it. Kumukulo and dugo ko sa kanila and the way they treat the issue. Naturingan pa namang taga gawa ng batas.

  9. At first,he was angry with the issue and he didn't want to make apology.As you have mentioned,it shows in his action that he made a mistake. And just say sorry to Kennedy family and to the bloggers.

  10. honestly, i wanted to say something but i guess, it's better to just remain silent, it is not that i am afraid of something but it just make him more popular and i really hate what he is doing and the publicity like this that he thinks his right are really just ...............

  11. Oh my gosh. Just when I thought he can't get any denser. An apology is not a sincere one when you try and justify your actions. It is wrong. Period. Imitation is not flattering and it is offensive. Gosh, and he's supposed to be one of our country's leaders. Tsk. and people wonder why we're a 3rd world country. Sheesh.

  12. Showbiz pa rin ang dating ni Tito Sen. I guess, he just want to put an end to this Sottocopy fix his in. However, his so insincere in his apology. Shame on him.

  13. To be honest, I don't want to comment about the issue din :) I just want him to clear his name. If he committed something wrong, then I guess the best way to handle the issue is to say sorry :)

  14. Just watched the news and saw that he has now allies. Hay... when will this end.. nakakasawa..

  15. this is a bad example talaga.... when students copy the assignment or exams of seatmates and caught . they ahave an excuse to their teacher or principal... "according to the senator of the Philippines, copying is the highest form of flattery!" grrrrrr. Sotto, the more he talks the more he commit mistakes.

  16. I heard about this thing about Sotto in the yahoo news and its really makes us Filipinos shame of what he did sigh there are really people like that...

  17. oh BOO! I will not add anything anymore. There is a saying that "mahirap gisingin ang taong gising"...

  18. I don't know what to say about Sotto's ignorance and arrogance na. I also dont know where he got his belief that copying is the highest form of flattery. Tsk! Such a shame for Philippines

  19. Lol! hala synonymous na nga ang sotto sa copying hehe

  20. Nag sorry nga pero may dagdag pa rin na kayabangan. Ayaw talagang magpakumbaba ni Tito

  21. Hehehe di na siguro mananalo yan sa susunod pang mga eleksyon.

  22. For me an official needs to admit mistakes even if he has no intention when he is doing the deed. It's just plain and simple practicing integrity in everything you do.

  23. I am so sorry, but I sure miss keeping up with Philippine news and entertainment. I don't know the exact story of him, but I want to go and read about it on the internet. I don't know what to say, but sounds like he is in such a big trouble. I will go check this one out. Thanks for sharing mommy Tess.

  24. Hypocrisy and Pride I say, ewan ko ba kay Sotto at d nalang nagpakumbaba for once.

  25. Buti na lang di ko sya binoto... Di bale na lang na di kumpleto ang Senatorial List ko kesa iboto tulad nya. Nakakahiya!

  26. He makes me feel ashamed to be a Filipino. His pride is one of a kind, and I am sick of how he continues to be like this. He doesn't deserve our attention any more.

  27. See his arrogance? Is that what we call sorry? He said sorry and there's a big "But" at the end that tries unsuccessfully to justify how wrong he is? What a shame to all Filipino worldwide.

  28. Now the KENNEDYs are a bit of mad because of this statement of him. I don't know if he is considering a public apology sometime soon or what.

  29. hiyang-hiya naman tayo sa kanya, shaming us on his behalf
    ba't walang ginagawa ang mga tao?

  30. Palusot lang Copying is the Highest form of ignorance not flattery

  31. He's a copycat Senator... I don't want to vote him in 2016... never again...

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