4 Business Tools Every Up-and-Coming Entrepreneur Should Know About

Setting up a business involves a lot of planning and coordination. But generally speaking, it doesn't have to be a pain, that is, if you know the right tools, where to find them and what results they can generate. Now, setting up a business involves financial capital that you should be willing to burn, and if you don't have enough funding, it's worth checking out these four online business tools:

1. PickyDomains.com So you got a website, and now you need a domain. Problem is the domains you've come up with are already taken. With millions of top-level domains (TLDs) registered to date, that doesn't come as a surprise. Branding agencies can help you with a unique and relevant domain, but their service charges might actually surprise you - up to thousands of dollars. PickyDomains provides a solution to this problem for just a fraction of the price these agencies charge. PickyDomains, in business since 2007, uses the power of crowdsourcing to help you come up with unique, easy-to-remember and relevant names, domains and slogans for your business. Just register with the site and become a client, make an upfront $50 payment if you're looking for a name or domain, or $75 for a slogan, and come up with a list of naming specifications. If none of the suggestions you receive meets your needs, you can take your money back anytime. 

2. JetRadar.com At one point or another, your business may require some serious traveling. That said, it’s a good thing airfare prices have cheapened considerably nowadays, thanks to low-cost airlines and online travel sites. Now, the bad thing about this innovation is that to find the cheapest airfare deal, customers would have to literally travel from one site to another to search and compare, an undertaking that's time-consuming and taxing at best. JetRadar.com is a free search engine that thoroughly searches through more than 700 airline sites and hundreds of online ticketing sites for the cheapest airline tickets on sale, and makes the data accessible in a single web address for the public to utilize whenever the need arises, drastically limiting, if not totally eradicating, the time it takes to compare deals and finally snag the best there is.

3. Comindware.com Generally speaking, with automation comes better estimation and forecasting. And with several web-based applications literally peppering the market nowadays, it can become increasingly difficult for small businesses and enterprises to make a choice. If you're a startupper, it's important that you choose a software system that brings tangible results to the table, as well as value for your money. Comindware Tracker is an innovative and breakthrough software solution that automates your business functions. Combined with Comindware Task Management, it allows collaboration of workflow processes, streamlining of issue tracking and efficient tracking of tasks that can potentially save you up to 50% on direct costs. With flexibility deeply embedded in the technology it's built upon, ElasticData technology, Comindware enables you to formulate and alter workflow processes whenever you feel like it. With Comindware Tracker, users see tasks and priorities clearly, automatically generate next-step projects and/or chores in a collaborative manner and view the real-time statuses of tasks they track. Depending on how many licenses you need, you can purchase Comindware Tracker at a discount.

 4. Bitrix24.com Workplace efficiency is something every business strives to achieve on an ongoing basis. This is why a lot of businesses are now using CRMs and intranets for their day-to-day functions. The problem with these tools, unfortunately, they can cost more than a small business owner can afford. Bitrix24.com is a cloud-based social enterprise solution that's 100% free for companies with a maximum of 12 employees. Bitrix24 combines separate work tools in one platform, essentially your one-stop workstation - CRM for transactions, workforce monitoring, live streaming, calendar, project management, to name just a few. Cloud-based, it requires no installation and can be accessed practically anywhere via a computer or a smartphone, as long you've got Internet connection. And if you're business suddenly takes off and you need to expand, an upgrade to unlimited users costs just about $99 per month.
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  1. i've never heard about this things before,, thank you very much for the info. I might use it someday..

  2. Very helpful sites as Picky domain would help you in the branding department, Jet radar would help you when it comes to trips, Comindware helps you in monitoring and measuring workflows and Bitrix24.com helps you in terms of customer relationship.

  3. Oh !!really thanks for the information...

  4. i guess the pickydomains.com is something to look forward. Now, you can earn by suggesting clever or memorable names =)

  5. Now I realized that I need more things to learn. They are really helpful sites and I want to explore them.

  6. These tools do look promising in their own capacity and features. Thanks to the digital era. But since the subject is business, human inputs are still the prime ingredients. Such maybe obtained through focused-group discussions and the like.

  7. Right! As Bill Gates would say “If your business is not online, your business soon will be out of business.” These tools you mentioned are good starting point for those who want to get their businesses online.

  8. Businesses now have many requirements to be successful and that includes knowing these options.

  9. Nowadays, it's very hard to earn money. I do agree that these business tools are also helpful to start a new business and to learn how to become an entrepreneur.

  10. Getting into business requires an extensive planning and once it is formed, the next problem will be... how it will penetrate the market. These tools will definitely extend a helping hand. Such relevant post indeed.

  11. Wow Bitrix is CHEAP!! With a digital agency of our size, using this won't be very possible though. When I start my own... Perhaps :)

  12. My friend has been telling me about Bitrix. Though I have really used it, I saw it already with my friend. Seems nice and it cost lesser than the others.

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