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Featured Blog #11. FBW is very proud to present to you the featured blog of the week. We all talk about quality content and well written blog, well, here it is. The author behind the blog, was one of the seven bottom-liners for The Bottomline with Boy Abunda, aired last week on ABS-CBN.

Blog Name: The Official Website of Stef dela Cruz – Doctor, Blogger, Writer
Category/ Niche: Health/ Medicine; Blogging/ Writing
Blog Description:
This is the official website of Stef dela Cruz where she writes about her experiences as a doctor. The website also features health articles and updates on important health issues, such as obesity and cancer. She also throws in useful tips on writing and blogging. Here, she lays down the cards about the politics of medicine and blogging.

The blog has a Facebook page where Stef updates her friends, colleagues, fellow bloggers, and her blog’s readers. Feel free to like her Facebook page – she will appreciate every vote of confidence.

About the blogger:

Stef dela Cruz is a writer. She is also a licensed nurse and doctor, having graduated Cum Laude in both degrees from the University of Santo Tomas. She is a Dean Bacala Academic Excellence Awardee at the same university. She received the Youth Leadership and Excellence Award from the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines when she was twelve.

Stef has a black cat who is proud to have her as his human, but she is a dog person by nature. Her advocacy is to spread awareness about cancer through her writing. She also believes in promoting Filipino pride through her newspaper column.

What’s the inspiration behind the blog and how long has it been around?

The blog has been around for just about four months. Stef’s life reads like an adventure book – writing about the challenges of becoming a doctor and working as a writer-columnist brings out many of the lessons she has learned the hard way.

How did she get into blogging?

By accident. Stef has blogger friends who encouraged her to get her own blog. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What is Stef’s favorite blog post and why?

Stef has marked two blog posts as her personal favorites: Blogger Attitude Check, an article that encourages bloggers to look at the mirror long and hard before they start typing away on their computers, and General Practice: Doctors’ Stigma?, which discusses the prejudice Filipinos have against general practitioners in the Philippines.

Both have become her top picks because they require a call to action, urging people to rethink their beliefs, asking Filipinos to open their minds a little wider. And Stef wants nothing more but to provoke thought and evoke emotion through her words – it is a change for the better that she is after.

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  1. I've read her blog and I love it. I admire her writing skills and most of the time, I agree with her points. And oh, I;ve seen that Bottomline episode, she rocked it. :-)

  2. I never knew that she is a Thomasian like me :) I regularly read her post especially about Blogger Attitude Check.

  3. I often read her blogs and she has really great tips for blogger and her depth as a writer shows in the manner she writes her blogs.

  4. We need professionals who blog and write like her. Congrats for the feature!

  5. Thank you very much to Filipino Bloggers Worldwide for having me as one of their featured bloggers! <3

  6. I love reading her blog - her helpful tips and how neat her blog looks. Like her, I did not take a writing-related course (I took up engineering) but my love for writing and for grammar never ceased. :)

  7. Stef is such an achiever! :) She has accomplished so many things! :D

  8. I've always been a fan of Stef! :) She's not just a great writer and blogger, but really smart and practical too. Congrats to her well-deserved feature.. ^^

  9. whoah.. a Thomasian like me. :) I just started hitting the GFC button. ^____^

  10. What a great profile! I just bookmarked her blog!

  11. I adore stef! Ive been following her blog and she's very intelligent@ love your feature :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  12. That's so nice! I've actually been reading a lot of her posts. Glad to see her featured here :)

  13. Yey! Miss Stef! :) I really love her blog and all her blog posts which are totally useful!! :))

  14. Wow. I congrats to Ms. Stef. This is really a well-deserved feature for I am a fan of her page and I know how persevering and enthusiastic she is with her craft. Just keep that passion burning and it will lead you farther than you ever imagined:)

  15. i wonder how she manages to do all her tasks, what with too many feathers on her cap! congrats, Stef, you so deserve this spotlight! ;)

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