Nominate Your Top 20 FBW Travel Blogs

Filipino Bloggers Group will be 10 months old next month, with 2,100 members and counting. After  the Logo Design Contest, it is time to support and promote each others blog by creating a List of Best Blog in each category/niche. To start with, let us vote for the "Top 20 FBW Travel Blogs".

As suggested by one of the Filipino Bloggers Worldwide member, and I quote: "I guess if we want it to be  credible and erase the connotation of "BLOGGER LANG" (just blogger), I suggest criteria and standards should be duly noted, we are at a point wherein blogging is not just simply blogging but a form of media and even though we are in the internet , netiquette should be observed.". 

Simple Rules to Follow: 
  • Nominees should be FBW members only. You can nominate as many as you want including yourself.
  • Nominated blogs must be at least 6 months old and should have no less than 20 blog post since its creation. 
  • Nomination is open until next week and we will select the top 20. 
  • Then I will put it to a vote to rank the TOP 10.
  • The winners will be the "Top 10 FBW Travel Blogs of 2012".
Please nominate your favorite travel blog in the comment box and the reason why. If you think your blog should be included on the list, feel free to nominate yourself.

So who are your choice for the  top travel blogs?

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About Filipino Worldwide Bloggers

(FBW) started as a Facebook group on November 1, 2011 as Filipino Bloggers Around the World. As the name implies, the purpose is to unite all Filipino Bloggers around the world.


  1. Voting for Sumi's The Purple Doll. Love her site. =)

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  3. Vote for Renz Bulseco. THE GEEK TRAVEL!

  4. I also like Vivi's Random Ramblings. Great photos from different places in the world.

  5. Can you take a look at Philippine Travel Blog?

  6. May I please nominate two:

    Vivi's Random Ramblings for her exceptionally good pictures that can take her readers to the place being featured


    Franc Ramon for his very personalized account of his travels

  7. I vote for Vivi's Ramblin travel blog, I just love how she concentrates only in travelling

  8. :D I was surprised to see my photo in the blogger feed. I'd nominate my blog then. It's just six months old and has 134 posts. It contains informative tips, itineraries and reviews on Philippine and some Asian travel, extreme adventures of a thrill-seeker and freelance mountaineer, and various travel ramblings and photos. I don't strictly follow a tone, hence the posts set different moods depending on what I feel about a certain place. I am a passionate writer and my emotions are strongly conveyed in my posts. Though the blog is just six months old, it received a fairly high traffic and page rank of 2. I really don't know the reason why people read my blog but I am very thankful for that. I blog because of my love for writing and travel and I'm thankful that people appreciate that.

    My blog is entitled "Love Conquers All", as I do everything for the love of travel and adventure - whatever the physical or budget constraints may be. I also met the love of my life through the most death-defying adventure I had so far, in Mt. Apo, hence it was an inspiration for the blog name and for the blog itself. I've also created a post about that surreal encounter and that's my favorite blog post.

    I am also the host of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers' August 2012 blog carnival which contains travel suggestions for the financially challenged or those with only 1000 pesos to spare. It is just my third month as a member of the reputable group of travel bloggers in the Philippines and it really is such an honor and an amazing experience to be the host.

    My blog URL is

    Feel free to check it out as I still consider myself a newbie and would love to have more blogger friends! :)

  9. Thanks Jerome, but I think this is only open for travel blogs and my niche is in food.. haha :D Super appreciate the thought though! ^^

    Anyway, is there a limit on the number of travel blogs that we can nominate? I'd like to nominate some, but I'm not sure if it's allowed to post more than 1 travel blog :D

  10. My vote is for Vivi's Random Ramblings she is a great story teller through her great travel pictures.

  11. I'll pick 5 travel bloggers I have constantly followed through comex thread.

    1) Vivs Random Ramblings for her great photos and a large range of travel destination.
    2) Budget Byahera for being able to share experience and help other travelers find cost effective means of traveling.
    3) Edmaration for being the one with a unique advocacy in promoting the small towns
    4) Love Mindanao for promoting the attractions in Mindanao
    5) Jeffrey Riles for being able to feature unique topics and travel destinations.

    Of course, love your own, I'd include myself ( for those wanting a first person perspective of the travel and feel the travel adventure as they go on reading the blog.

  12. I vote for THE BACKPACK MAN personalized account for his travels.

  13. wow tnx bro Franc for including me:) I also nominate Dr. Wends Cagape, ALeah Phils, Gay Mitra-Emami and Francis Nunez Balgos

  14. I nominate Enrico Dee's Byahilo for reminding everyone to explore our own place first (from our town to our country's best destinations) and Bino Caina's Frameless World for giving us a window to the world.

  15. Ilan ba pwede? I nominate:

    1. Vivi's Random Ramblings
    2. Mai's Budget Biyahera
    3. Jeffrey's Traveling Morion
    4. Doc Wend's Journeys and Travels
    5. Dennis' Love Mindanao

  16. I nominate
    1. Traveling Morion
    2. Pinay Thrillseeker
    3. Vivi Random Ramblings
    4. Budget Biyahera
    5. Byahilo
    6. The Chronicles of Love Mindanao

  17. Nakakatuwa naman po ang FBW community!! Love Love Love! <3 :)

    I would like to vote po for the following (kung pwede lang sanang iboto lahat!)

    1. Vivi's Random Ramblings - It is through her blog that I get to see parts of the world through her eyes.. Plus, super accommodating pa ni Violy whenever I would ask her travel tips. :)
    2. My Comings and Goings - Ate Mhe-anne is definitely a travel junkie and her passion for seeing the world is so exquisite to read! :) She is an inspiration! :)
    3. Pala-Lagaw - Best nominated for Francis' very picturesque and concise travel stories. :)
    4. Pinoy Travel Freak - Best nominated for Gab's very picturesque and concise travel stories. :)
    5. Solitary Wanderer - It was through Aleah's 'Date a girl who travels' that got me all hooked with her blog.. she's always as helpful whenever I would need travel tips as well!
    6. Franc Ramon - Franc's blog is inspirational! His travels are always refreshing to read and to look, especially at for someone like me. :)
    7. Edmaration - I love Edmar the #TownExplorer! He is really passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of the Philippines (starting from his town)! Plus, he's very nice.. I look forward to hanging out with him again! :)
    8. Pinay Thrill Seeker - I love Cris' carefree yet extreme travels! Her most touching blogpost yet is her near-death experience (where she also met the love of her life!) :)
    9. Pinay Travel Junkie - Just because I love reading Gay's world travels with her beautiful family! :)
    10. The Chronicles of Love Mindanao - Dennis' travel stories especially his beautiful pictures all over Mindanao is what's drawing me closer to making another Mindanao travel experience (hopefully soon)! :)
    11. Cheap Travels For Women - Shawi is my sister from another mother! :P She has gone around the world and has always told her stories in a way that would get you all hyped again to travel.. A lovely and humble person too.. her aura truly exudes from her blog.
    12. Journeying James - Really loved how he traveled all over the Philippines in just under 100 days! :)
    13. Pinoy Adventurista - Mervs has it all when it comes to checking out different areas around the Philippines. He's always my go-to blog whenever I would need some travel advice. :)
    14. Budget Biyahera - Of course, love your own! :) I started blogging about my travels after realizing that I wanted to share the 'budget-conscious-wanderluster' in me.

    I grew up with a family of 13 members. So this meant getting trained to learn the disciplines of keeping everyday things on a budget. And ever since then, noting expense breakdowns, and making various itineraries for my family and friends had me honing this 'organizational' skill in no time. Later, putting this to good use in terms of traveling local and international destinations. :)

  18. Just wanted to nominate another awesome Travel Blogger: Renz of The Traveling Nomad. :)

  19. Ngayon ko lang nabasang maraming pwedeng i-nominate. :)

    My favorites:

    1. Vivi's Random Ramblings (She knows from the start that I'm a fan!)
    2. Solitary Wanderer (Like Mai, I love her "Date A Girl Who Travels" post, I also love her well-written travel accounts.)
    3. Pondering Paodaolei (I love her distinct way of describing the places and the way she writes.)
    4. Budget Biyahera (I could relate to her because I also love to budget, hehe)
    5. The Chronicles of Love Mindanao (I love to spend time in his blog, just staring at the photos, dreaming I was there ^_^)
    6. Edmaration (I am a fan of his motorcycle journeys!)
    7. My Comings and Goings (I admire her for being a blog carnival "devotee", I wish I could do that, too, but I just joined three months ago ^_^)

  20. Wow! don't know what to say, thanks everyone for the overwhelming support. The truth is I almost "disabled" my blog a few weeks ago after the harassment I've been through. Good thing I did not give up, salamat sa inyo. I will be submitting my personal list too by today or tomorrow. thanks everyone!! ;)

  21. I would like to nominate Franc Ramon,Edmaration and Pinoy Adventurista. I find there every post interesting and very inspiring. Although i also find and appreciate other travel bloggers post but this 3 bloggers really got my attention. Great Post and Beautiful Pics. Feeling is like I want to be where they've been!

    To All Bloggers, Mabuhay!

    Thanks For Sharing!

  22. Wow, thanks sa mga bumoto! But of course, I'd like to nominate a few, including me.

    1) The Traveling Nomad (me)

    2) Vivi's Random Ramblings

    3) Edmaration

    4) Solitary Wanderer

    5) Love Mindanao

  23. God bless sa mga mano-nominate! :-)

  24. I Vote
    Vivi's Random Ramblings :)

  25. I vote for

    The Traveling Nomad

    Vivi's Random Ramblings





    nomadic experiences


    Solitary Wanderer

    Ang dami... =)

  26. FBW's Travel Blogs from the file
    1. #Philipines80 -
    2. The Transcendental Tourist -
    4. Lakwatserang Inday -
    5. Byaheng Barok -
    6. Wandering Tandem -
    7. Pinoy Biyahero -
    10. Love Conquers All -
    13. Kalimbonisan -
    14. Pinoy Adventurer -
    16. TAKE ME WITH YOU -
    17 Big Feet Little World

  27. Here's my list, and thanks to everyone who voted for my blog! Cheers to FBW!!! ;)

    1. Pinay  travel junkie  by gay mitra ermami - I love her travel tales all over the world with her baby and hubby in tow. Would love to be in her shoes. ;) 

    2. My Comings and Goings -Mhe-anne is a great traveller! I want to see places thru her eyes. She has been to places I can only dream of. 

    3. Solitary Wanderer - I love her travel tips, wish I can travel the world too with a limited budget! She's the most approachable travel blogger that I know. 

    4. Franc Ramon - Franc Is an extraordinary traveler, he was able to merge 2 passion his love for running And traveling. I always love reading his running / traveling adventures. 

    5. Edmaration - The town explorer! He is the only blogger that I know who visits each town and tells us the significance of the place. Makes us appreciate Our place more. Kudos  Edmar!

    6. Pinay Thrill Seeker - extreme travels here! She's the opposite of me, she likes the thrill of hiking and putting her life in danger, I am more laid back... I'm just scared I guess. Hehe. Thanks Cris for sharing your extreme travels! 

    7. Pinoy Adventurista - this guy travels a lot! Been to almost all best places to visit in our country. I always check his site whenever I need travel tips. 

    8.  Budget Biyahera - I love her budget tips!! I'm not so conscious with my budget whenever I travel since I mostly travel alone but I love the way she accounts for all her expenditures. I always stop accounting for my expenses the moment I left the house with my plane ticket and backpack.. Hehe

    9. journey ni ikoy by Ricky bernardino - a new blogger here! And interesting adventures with his friends and his dog. Would love to see his blog bloom with more exposure I am positive he will make it.  He is the first blogger I met on the road. And interesting indeed to share one day of travel adventure with a fellow blogger.

    10 . Journeys and travels - i love the way Dr Wends share his travel tales, there's always an emotional aspect and it's a very rare read. Reading his posts about other countries makes us realize how fortunate we are as filipinos. 

    11. the transcendental tourist by  AJ  Poliquit - one of my favorite! He always put my writing to shame. Whenever you read his posts it always feels like your mom singing you lullabies, it will make you feel like you are right there and you are seeing things with your naked eye. The story is so vivid, making the scene leap out from the pages. A very very good writer... And extraordinary travel  pictures too! 

    12. The geek traveler ( the traveling nomad) -  great picture here! I can still remember his 7 super shots, which intimidated me enough that until now I have not posted mine! Hehe. Great travel tales and tips  too. 

    13. Vivi's random ramblings- of course promote your own. Hehe. I hate my writing but I always enjoy my travel pictures. Sometimes I just stare at them and I'm having second thoughts.. Did I really took this pictures?? They may not be the best as compared to dslr users, but I love each of them. It always inspire me to know visitors of my blog are loving my pictures, it motivates me to post more of my travel adventures thru my photos. ;) 

  28. The Transcendental Tourist
    Byaheng Barok
    Love Conquers All - Pinay Trill Seeker
    Budget Byahera
    Franc Ramon
    Traveling Morion
    Pala-lagaw (myself)

    I'll add more if I could
    These are some of most active during travel comex every monday.

  29. Vivi's Random Ramblings
    Budget Biyahera
    Juanderful Pinoy
    Franc Ramon
    Jeffrey's Traveling Morion
    The Chronicles of Love Mindanao

    Good luck guys. ^^

  30. this is good news for FBW group! Shocks I cant decide who to vote..


    Budget Byahera
    Franc Ramon

    I think I need a review!

  31. wow this is a good view! you know, i havent visited travel blogs lately and the ones i frequent is franc ramon's. i hope i can view more so i could nominate properly :)

  32. I nominate the Pinay Thrillseeker.

  33. Pahabol po, ok lang? I would like to nominate Jeffrey's Traveling Morion as well! :)

    Thanks po sa lahat ng nag-include ng Budget Biyahera.. nakakataba po kayo ng puso!

    Much Love FBW friends! <3

  34. I would like to nominated the following

    1. Vivi's Random Ramblings -
    2. Love Mindanao -
    3. The Geek Travels -
    4. Franc Ramon -
    5. Traveling Morion -

    Click the link and you'll see why I chose them =)

    Thank you Violy Vallester for the nomination but I think I have a lot of work to do first to deserve to be included in the list.

  35. I will nominate...

    The Traveling Nomad.. ;)

  36. I honestly don't know who of my travel blogging friends are members of FBW. Since I saw this, can I nominate myself? teehee Not really confident but of course, I also have a different take on the places I visit. Not that much though.

  37. Adding in my nomination: Journey-ni-kikoy

  38. I'm sorry I forgot to state the reasons. Anyway, I nominated them simply because of their awesomeness! Of course of their travel tips too.

  39. Adding Cris | Pinay Thrillseeker to my nomination. She deserves a good hug as she just migrated to a new domain. :D

  40. Thanks for those who nominated my blog for this.

    My nominees are:

    1. Solitary Wanderer
    2. Traveling Nomad
    3. Transcendental Tourist
    4. Pinay Travel Junkie
    5. Nomadic Experiences

  41. I found these blogs very interesting and worthy to be nominated.

    No particular Order

    Traveling Nomad - Renz
    Pinay Travel Junkie - Gay
    Nomadic Experiences - Mark
    Love Mindanao - Dennis
    Journeys and Travels - Doc Wends
    Edmaration - Edmar
    Vivi's Random Rambling - Violy

    I think Marami pa. but I guess some of my favorite travel bloggers are not member to FBW. :)

  42. i want to nominate roj braga... coz i really love roj braga's great travels photo's and i love travelling like her too.... shes a great traveler.....

  43. Byaheng Dabawenya-
    South Cotabato-
    Hari ng Lakbay-
    The Adventures of AdventuRoj!

  44. It was one of the nicest places that I’ve stayed. Hopefully you’ll find a way to make it happen

  45. I am definitely out of the circle lately so came across this nomination thread only now that the Top 20 list had been up! Thank you so much for Mai Flores (Budget Biyahera), Chris Pinay Thrillseeker (Love Conquers All) and Violy Vallester (Vivi's Random Ramblings) for the nomination and the kind, generous words!! Guess better late than never and voting continues for the Top 10. It is hard to choose only 3 but you guys have my vote!!

  46. Voting for Journey ni Ikoy...

  47. Voting for Journey ni Ikoy...

  48. I Nominate Cris /Pinay Thrillseeker =

    very good blog.. especially her etxreme travels and love story.. very passionate..

  49. VOTE FOR ....Ochronicles of love mindanao, traveling morion and edmaration

  50. chronicles of love mindanao, traveling morion and edmaration vote for them...:)

  51. vote for Vivi's Ramblin travel blog,thanks for sharing this interesting post!

  52. Voting for 4: in alphabetical order
    Dr. Wends Cagape
    Franc Ramon
    Jeffrey Rilles and
    Violy Vallester

  53. I'm also a blogger to write about travel. So, I really want to vote for a particular blog. I hope to read a full list of candidates in a subsequent article.

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