Olivia Culpo Crowned Miss USA 2012

The 20-year-old cellist from Rhode Island, Olivia Culpo, beat 50 contestants and was crowned Miss USA 2012 held at Las Vegas. The beauty, brains and talented beauty Queen will compete in the Miss Universe pageant in December.

Olivia Culpo, is a Dean's Lister student at Boston College. She played the cello for 13 years and won a seat in the Boston Symphony Hall, Carnegie Hall in New York City, and a tour of England in 2010. She was accepted into an intensive summer music program at the Brevard Music Center, in North Carolina for two summers.

Her winning Question and Answer :

Q- Would it be fair if a transgender woman won the Miss Universe title? She agreed with the organization's recent decision to include transgender contestants.

A- I do think that would be fair, but I could understand how people could be apprehensive to take that road," she said. However, "there are so many people who have a need to change for a happier life. I do accept that because I believe it's a free country."

Top 5

Miss USA 2012 - Rhode Island - Olivia Culpo1st runner-up - Maryland - Nana Meriwether
2nd runner-up - Ohio - Audrey Bolte
3rd runner-up - Nevada - Jade Kelsall
4th runner-up - Georgia - Jazz Wilkins

Top 10

Alabama - Katherine Webb
Colorado - Marybel Gonzalez
New Jersey - Michelle Leonardo
Oklahoma - Lauren Lundeen
Texas - Brittany Booker

Top 16 

Arkansas - Kelsey Dow ‡
Louisiana - Erin Edmiston
Maine - Rani Williamson
Michigan - Kristen Danyal
South Carolina - Erika Powell
Tennessee - Jessica Hibler

Special awards

Miss Congeniality - Iowa - Rebecca Hodge
Miss Photogenic - Oregon - Alaina Bergsma

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  1. She's pretty! Just like you have mentioned above, she is also intelligent and wow... she plays the cello and have joined quite a number of famous symphony groups.

    That's one tricky question by the way and she answered it just right.

    Have a pleasant day everyone!

  2. She's really beautiful and she answered the question very well.

  3. I can't remember the last time I watched beauty pageants. Such a pretty winner.

  4. Wow! ang cute naman niya... Ngayon lng ako nakakita ng cute na nanalo sa pageant.

  5. Beauty and Brains and has an open mind.

  6. tough and sensitive question! great job.. beauty, body and brains nga!

  7. she's really pretty :) I love how she answered the question but in general, I disagree to what she said though I know that was just her opinion.

  8. Beautiful. Congrats to her and good luck in the bigger competition. Not bad for a Dean's lister.

  9. She's pretty alright, but it takes more than just a pretty face to win the Miss Universe crown. It takes grace under pressure + intelligence to impress the judges. Good luck to her when she competes.

  10. She's pretty and young. :D

  11. She's really beautiful, a bubbly brunette beauty and brains :)

  12. she's so pretty and she answered the question really well

  13. I hope she goes out and inspire other kids and push an advocacy that's worthwhile.

  14. gorgeous.. well hope matalo sya ni ms. philippines natin sa ms. universe pageant hahaha

  15. love her answer too! Bravo for freedom! Congrats to you girl!

  16. Wow very cute
    She deserves that :)

  17. I like her face and hair but for sure I will still support our candidate Ms Philippines.

  18. Beauty and brains - a strong contender for the 2012 Miss Universe title.

  19. she's beautiful. i love watching beauty pageant when i was just a kid and dream of being one but i guess not blessed with height and body, i am just contented on wishing.

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