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VOTING IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED  AS OF 7/1/12  12:34 am.(Phils. time)

The Logo Design submission is over and it is  time to publish the submitted entries. We received 11  beautiful designs for the contest. We would like to thank all of the participants who took time and effort to join the competition.

The participants got already one personal vote on their own design.
Anonymous commenters are not counted as a vote.
Rules and guidelines for Logo design entry, check  here

Here are the entries posted for you to vote. Please post the number of your chosen logo and the reason why? Best commenter will receive cash prize too. Let us vote for the best entry. Wish you all the best of luck.

Voting:  June 21-30


1 year domain 
 property rights of  the  logo
 featured blogger

$15 - Best Commenter.

FBW Logo Contest Presentation and Votes

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About Filipino Worldwide Bloggers

(FBW) started as a Facebook group on November 1, 2011 as Filipino Bloggers Around the World. As the name implies, the purpose is to unite all Filipino Bloggers around the world.


  1. among all the logos presented above, I think I will go for the Entry 011. It's neat, relevant to the title and not complicated. Cheers!

  2. I vote for #3. Every icon has a representation. The pencil and paper for representing writing, but with the use of the computer/internet. The globe at the back signifies the reach/scope and the head with salakot is clearly a representation of a Filipino. "FBW" is clearly the group and if you want to know what it stands for, just look below where it states "Filipino Bloggers Worldwide." The brownish and bluish divide of the globe seems to denote the time worldwide; that blogging is any time of the day or night, across the globe. Among all the entries, the logo tells me what the group is roughly about even if I do not know what the words mean. The colors are pleasant to the eyes and would be nice on a t-shirt or mug. (Since I recall that any representation of the Philippine flag is out, I also ruled that out.)As for the others, they are either ambiguous, hurtful (to the eyes), or cluttered.

  3. I also like Entry 011. Technically, it's the best design. Its colors are vivid, attractive and represents the group well. In looks good in any sizes. It can be used as a banner because the it is intricate and bold enough. Also if bloggers post it as a small icon on blog sidebars, the wordings are still readable and hardly any detail is lost.

  4. I will go with entry number 6. The logo is neat and is simple. The logo might be that simple, but can depict what bloggers, especially Filipino bloggers do to keep blogging alive. The human portrayed in the picture carries the globe on its shoulders, meaning we work hard to produce quality articles, but it does it with just one hand, meaning we are doing it well! Kudos to all logo makers, and Ms. Dumaguing for doing such logos!

  5. I'm voting for Logo Entry 008 by Noks Sosa! Not only does it emphasize on the Philippine Flag -- both the flag and the globe shows the kind of support system that we have and hold within the blogging community -- very strong and enthusiastic about helping one another. :)

  6. I'm voting for ENTRY NUMBER 1,. :) I find it simple yet catchy!

    All the Entries deserves a WIN! wonderful job you did here guys, KUDOS!

  7. First I wanna congrats each and everyone who submitted their logo designs wow! just another thing that we should be proud of..alright back right on which one's the best I think all of them, each designs have different representations that embodies the theme "Filipino Bloggers Worldwide" but, the one that truly stand out to me is logo entry #008 which my husband agreed on :) good luck guys!

  8. In times like this, syempre dapat 'love your own'. Hahaha!

    Since I automatically have 1 vote for ENTRY 009, all I need to do is to explain the design.

    As far as I understand, the ultimate goal of the Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (FBW) is:

    To provide a place where every Filipino bloggers from the different corners of the world can have a virtual meetup for networking purposes; wherein, regardless of what niche they belong, they can share their valuable contents and help other Filipino bloggers achieve their respective vision, mission and goals.

    Putting this idea into a compact visual representation, a logo, we need some symbols to represent the individual parts without destroying the whole thought of the objective.


    Before we can pick representing symbols, we need to identify first some keywords, which are NETWORKING, FILIPINO, WORLDWIDE, and UNITY.

    Here are the symbols being used in the logo:

    Network Symbol. The original symbol of 'network' is a dot with three curve line above in a progressive length. This is being used because bloggers, generally speaking, only get connected through internet. This serves as an avenue for an online networking and a portal for offline networking.

    World. Representing the vast coverage of Filipino presence, both online and offline.

    Script Style Font. The continuity of the font style represents unity among Filipino bloggers.

    Salakot. Perhaps, everyone of us knows that it is one of the well-known symbol for 'Filipino". Even before umbrella become known to Filipinos, salakot is used for the same purpose. It is place on the top portion of the logo to illustrate that the FBW is like a 'home' for Filipino bloggers.


    As part of branding, 'science fiction blue' is the name of the logo's color. It is one of the futuristic colors. This color is selected because it represents the digital and virtual world and the unfathomable ideas and creativity of every Filipino bloggers. Its RBG value is 13,33, 119 or #0D2177.


    The ENTRY No. 009 is designed with consideration to it's flexibility and usability.

    The logo can be used for the following purposes while having the same identity :

    1. Blog Header. The imblem can be 70x70px and the whole banner is best at 500px width, as shown in the illustration.

    2. FB Groug Cover Image. The logo with Filipino Bloggers Worldwide wording can be used for both cover image and blog banner.

    3. Profile Image. The logo is a combination of both fine and bold elements, which make it pleasing for large and small sizes.

    4. Faavicon. The logo is still recognizable at the minimum of 16x16px, favicon size.

    5. Avatar. It is also suitable for a 50x50px avatar.

    6. Printed Materials. The logo is still crisp at minimum of 1.5X1.5cm, the common size of a logo on a business card. Since it is monochromatic, it is easily printed in any color.

    7. Stamp. We don't know how far FBW can go, but we look forward that this will become bigger which the organization will even need stamp.

    8. Color Conversion. In event the the logo is used in darker backgrounds, the whole logo can be easily converted into white.

    FINAL THOUGHTS: Wala na. Hehe!

  9. It was tough choosing from the submitted designs, but finally voting for #6 for its simple and straightforward approach, although I suggest adding other colors for contrast, i.e. yellow for the arms, red for the feet, and the words FILIPINO in dark blue. IMO, with a slight edit of colors, this design best depicts FBW as a community.

  10. I vote for #8. Simple yet it stand out in the over-all design.

  11. Sorry I wasn't following why we need a logo. Is this for this website or for FB group or where? I like the current logo for this website so kung sa banner ng FB group I go for No. 001 and No. 008. Invalid ba kung dalawa ang choice?

  12. Of all the logos, the one that had the most impact(that did not become annoying because of the impact) would be logo number 005. The contrast of the yellow man to the nice blue background makes it memorable and its simplicity also adds to that effect.

  13. I go for 002 because it really caught my eye and everything just flows.

  14. I vote 009, i like it thats why I choose that no.,

  15. Desiree Bans Guasch
    June 21, 2012 at 3:42 AM

    voting for No.11. how do we cst our vote? where's the vote link?

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  17. I chose number 9, simply because of the following criteria:

    It is unique and memorable.You won’t run into any problems down the line with reproducing it.This logo will have a longer lifespan and won’t need to be redesigned in a couple of years and coz it does not follow any current trends on logo design.The logo looks very professional.:)

  18. I like logos #4, 6, 9... however, they need few enhancement.. :)

  19. i go for entry no.3 eye-catching

  20. I'll vote for number 11...wala lang, friend ko yung nagdesign eh... :D

  21. all are great but need to choose only one...I'll go for entry # 8... :D

  22. No. 5, the human like logo represents us, the cicle represents the world. I only hope he will add the color red in the globe or on the lettering to resemble the colors of our flag.

    It's artistic, have a funny / cartoon side of it but also represents creativity.

  23. E011. More than just telling the world you are proud to be a Filipino blogger, we also want a creative logo that we can display to our websites. This design does a good job in that department. If I wasn't part of this group and I saw this logo, I definitely would have clicked it. That's another reason why we need a logo, to promote the group to our fellow Filipino bloggers.

  24. i'l go for something unique, original, practical, graphic and simple in form so i choose number 9..the rest of the entries are very common..

  25. My vote is for entry number 9. Simple, easily recognizable, could use a little polishing up though, but still a pretty solid design for the site.

  26. I'll vote for logo entry 011

  27. I like Jing's 2nd submission. very cool! Entry 2 FTW!

  28. I vote for Entry # 8
    The logo is dynamic, futuristic, nationalistic and with style...

  29. i vote for number 11

  30. great designs! ang creative lahat. I am voting for logo entry 001 :)

  31. Actually, there are three designs which I like but since it is a logo design and only need to choose one, I go for Entry 009 because I like its composition; simple yet with deep meaning. The idea is something like Filipino bloggers are sheltered and conquering the world as illustrated by a salakot over the icon of the world.

    I have read the About Page of this blog and it is stated there that the aim of the FBW is to build camaraderie among bloggers around the globe, help members on the different opportunities and provide active and supportive group, and I think it is well represented on the logo as explained the designer on his comment.

    The FBW acronym which elegantly positioned at the bottom part of the logo is like a cable that intertwines the world. I am an IT Technician and I always see may office mates working with cables when they do cabling for our clients. These cables are used in networking, to easily deliver information from one user to another, and perhaps, this is one of those what the designer of this logo wanted to depict.

    The Entry 009 might be not so attractive because it has a single color but the logo itself has a good concept which make it memorable. Take note that the popular logos like Yahoo!, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Coca-cola, Uniliver and Nestle are also in single color yet they are memorable. This simply means that a logo don't need to be colorful to memorable.

    I am not a logo design expert but I have read and article entitled "What makes a good logo?" and it says that a good logo is simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate and I found most of these criteria on the entry I have voted.

    It seems that I have written to much. :)

    I look forward that Entry 009 will win.

    — comment ends –

  32. I vote for entry 11. It is unique and very pleasing to the eyes. ;)

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  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  35. #11 simple yet can be easily identified or related to Filipino/Philippines

  36. I'm voting for entry #09 by Jyppe Quidores because technically it is a very versatile logo. he also presented a lot of variations, giving us the option to choose what would best suit our blogs. his approach to his design looks very professional and modern, and it is something that really catches up with the present. it also looks pinoy to me, but it's modern pinoy.

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  38. my vote goes to ENTRY NO. 2, why?

    1) it follows the dimension size
    2) it does not used colors from Philippine flag
    3) simple

    1) design using geometry was perfectly fit it.
    2) the colors were wisely chosen and blended
    3) simple used of font
    4) the stroke of font that emphasizes FBW were just perfect to show a bit of abstract
    5) just right to be used as favicon
    6) it was catchy

    the logo were excellently drafted it was simple yet it provides modern design far from those cartoonic-effect-style and was able to risked of using black-orange-white colors though it was for a filipino related website.

  39. nice nman ng #11.. i vote for #11..................:-)


  40. Without hesitation, I vote for Entry 009 because it is neat and modern type logo design plus it has the element optical illusion.

    I just want to reiterate that I like this logo because it has an optical illusion effect. When I have viewed it once, it looks like an icon of human head wearing a salakot, and also looks like a network symbol - just like what we see on our tabs and smartphones when WiFi is available in range. The additional element that I like in the design is the FBW that is like a signature and a hand writing that is place at the bottom part of the logo.

    In other words (in my own opinion), if we going to combine these three ideas, it will give us the whole concept of "a writing Filipino in a network".

    Another thing is the craftiness of this design; each element has its placed to make the logo compact, loaded with the wonderful stories related to FBW yet each of them is well harmonized to create a whole picture.

  41. I agree with some of the commenters choosing Entry #9, it sure is a great design, very creative and well-thought concept from Jyppe. However, I also agree with metalpig design's comment, it needs a few enhancement. Here's my honest observation on #9: My first impression was immediately noticing the "FBW" in Script Style Font. IMHO, it looks too feminine, and if one doesn't know what FBW means, it could easily translate to "fashion" or "fem". While a script style font suggests continuity as what the designer would like to convey, it doesn't project that concept to me. Another thing is the salakot, which looks too heavy or massive than the other design elements. It tends to take the eyes away from the focal point, the globe (circle). Maybe if it is treated in gradient blue, not solid blue, with darker part at the bottom and lighter part at the top (the point of the salakot), then it would add emphasis to the globe. Anyway, just sharing my thoughts on the design, so you also have an idea how it is perceived from another viewpoint. Just my two cents lang. :-)

  42. i go with entry no. 9, it's simple but unique. its because most of us connected thru internet & the symbol like wi-fi connection then become "salakot" really amazing. it's truely symbolize being a pinoy. & the fbw like a sign at the bottom add the creativeness of the one who did it. good luck entry no 9! hope you'll win

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  44. I go for Entry 009 because the connections of this Logo is needed to support all positions. And Blue is the colour of the clear sky and the deep sea.

  45. i vote for entry 009, its simple but very unique.. :)

  46. I choose Entry 009 because for me it was simple design and colour but meaningful :)

  47. all of the entries are awesome.. but if i were to choose and vote for only one entry.. i will go for entry 009.. this entry shows its simplicity and uniqueness compared to others..(^^,) to which ever entry wins, for their creativeness and hardwork creating these logos which are one of a kind, i know for sure that they really deserve it.. congratz in advance!

  48. i vote for entry # 009 simple but very eye catching and by looking through the logo, you will really appreciate it's beauty and you'll understand it's meaning.. :)

  49. I vote for logo entry #11 is definitely the best,very professional & fits with the best of the branding!

  50. i'd have to go with logo entry #11 as my favorite! That's a great,clean,simple logo,very distinct too.

  51. I'd go for logo #11. I like its simplicity, the font that was used was perfect and most especially, it represents the Philippine flag at its finest! The logo stands by the name Filipino Bloggers. Awesome!

  52. billmarkborines_20
    June 26, 2012 at 1:34 AM

    I'll vote for logo entry # 011 because it has the image of the Philippine flag :))

  53. Logo #11 for the win.. soooo Pinoy!

  54. I go for entry 011. Among all the logos it is the most noticeable.

  55. I vote for logo entry #11. Proud to be Pinoy! The logo is simple perfect!

  56. Logo entry number 9 gets my vote!

    The logo may look simple but it is the most illustrative and meaningful compared to all the other entries.It is intricate yet straight-forward enough to define exactly what the Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (FBW) site is all about: A virtually-connected world where all Filipino bloggers all over the globe can unite as one.

    Let me enumerate some of the most distinguishable factors of the logo that makes it stand out among the rest:

    1. The logo's intended meaning can be easily discerned and appreciated by most individuals."Filipino" is represented by the salakot, "Bloggers" by the wi-fi or network connectivity symbol, and "Worldwide" by the globe.

    2. Our focus is not severely disoriented by several fancy colors and other distracting images found on the other logo entries. A good logo does not need to clutter itself with too many decorative highlights, but needs to enforce more significance.

    3. Filipinos can easily identify with the logo since the "salakot" has been one of the most common symbols of Filipino identity. The "salakot" is the traditional wide-brimmed headgear of the Filipino. It is often portrayed as the hat worn by Juan de la Cruz, the symbol of the collective Filipino psyche equivalent to Uncle Sam of the Americans.

    4. The logo contains a globe with grid lines. A grid is a network of uniformly spaced horizontal and perpendicular lines specifically used for locating points (as on a map, chart or aerial photograph) by means of a system of coordinates.In other words, we are speaking about an intelligent geometric pattern into which, theoretically, the Earth and its energies are organized. That is what we want the site to achieve: to be able to easily find each other and combine our "energies" for the good of all.

    5. The logo implies that we are all connected. Whether wired, as illustrated by the elegant script style font (synonymous to network cables) of the FBW lettering, or via wireless as illustrated by the wi-fi signal symbol under the "salakot." Regardless of how we are connected, it signifies the almost non-stop and continuous connectivity our site wants to achieve.

    6. The logo is "catchy" enough to attract attention, and meaningful enough to be remembered. You could even easily sketch or describe it for others to easily comprehend.

    There are so many logos out there but the most successful in the "recall factor" are those that are simple yet depict a deeper meaning.

    If I were to create a logo for anybody, I would craft it out from the most vital pieces of information that would best define our goals, intentions and commitment.

    Without a doubt, the logo has all the factors necessary to clearly send its message across.

    Mabuhay to logo entry number 9!

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  58. I will vote for entry# 11. Love it

  59. i go for no. 11

  60. i go for no. 11

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  62. I choose logo entry number 11...Pinoy na Pinoy!!!

  63. I vote for #11 simply symbolizes new nationalism

  64. I vote for #011 unique, implying and transmitting spirit of patriotism for succeeding generations.

  65. Vote for entry # 009... simple yet eye catching.. :)

  66. Isa lang masasabi ko, Entry #7 Bonggacious! at Nag shine ka teh !! haha.

    It depicts the Filipino culture and as you can see it shows that we Filipinos are shining around the world and is truly one of a class.

  67. it is really quite a daunting task to choose among the bevy of wonderful designs, but it was design #3 that first caught my eyes, simply because all the elements of FBW is clearly represented in this logo, + i just fell in love with the salakot which clearly signifies the filipino blogger worldwide! good luck to all the entries!!

  68. i like 009A by noks :) good luck to everyone!

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  70. I vote for entry #009..... I agree with Ryan de Guzman, nasabi na nya lahat ang gusto kong sasabihin, god bless to you #009

  71. i vote for number 11, simply world class, intelligently made by a true pinoy=)

  72. #11 for the win! two thumbs up!

  73. I vote for #11

  74. i'll go for Entry #011. Very Pinoy. :)

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  79. Magdalena FLores

    I vote for entry #9. Nice and simple

  80. I vote for Entry 009, kasi kuya ko ang gumawa. Hehe! Suportado ko ang kanyang paliwanag.

  81. i'd go w/ #11 make the most sense & looks great :)

  82. i vote for logo entry #11 love the design,gawang pinoy tlga!

  83. vote for logo entry #11 Speaking of good the design! Very nice...

  84. i vote for logo # 11 cool,attractive,awesome the best!

  85. Please count my vote for Entry 009. I think many of them above have mentioned the uniqueness of the design, the simplicity, the symbolism and much more.

    Good luck.

  86. I Will vote for #11 because it is nice, simple and true Pinoy! Love it!

  87. #11 gets my votes for a clean,nice design & strong concept!

  88. i vote for logo entry #11 i like this one! Proud to be PINOY,perfect design!

  89. i vote for logo #11 good job! very nice!

  90. i vote for logo entry #11 represent of our phil.flag and awesome!

  91. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  92. I vote for number 009, because I believe that every art needs an important representation and every single touch of it symbolizes a key for a future growing and never ending representation of what we are really wants to emphasize...let all cheer to that..Blessing to all Filipinos who participate in this event.

  93. I am voting Entry #9. I like the meaning of the logo as it is explained by its designer.

  94. i vote for entry #11. looks elegant. i like its vivid colors.

  95. Maganda lahat, walang itulak kabigin. So I'll go with the color of Philippine flag my vote is for Logo Entry 011.. #11!

  96. I'm voting for entry #11 by Ron Mia, just by looking at it you already know that it represents our country as a whole, the color, the design is perfect!! Sooo pinoy!! ;)

  97. My vote goes to Entry #11. ^_^

  98. I like entry # 11
    Though I really appreciate all the works !
    Anyone can make a logo, but making a truly good logo design is AWESOME!

    There are many guidelines you should have a look at before deciding which logo design you choose in the end. (I've searched for this one so I can vote wisely :D)

    Remember that the logo will be the TRADEMARK it needs to be created seriously and passionately :D . If you’re a designer you would want to look out for these tips.

    You want to stand out from the crowd? then make the logo UNIQUE , and I found it fresh and original.

    Don't over design , YES - others tend to add lots of details that were not totally related with the subject for the logo design , I prefer to see a simple and neat design and entry # 11 does! Though other logos are clean and simple too.

    The best criteria that entry #11 have is the "Eye Catching Effect"
    By adding relevant elements that fit the image you want to reflect, your logo is likely to get attention. Try out different color schemes and fonts to make sure its memorable and looks fresh.

    This way you make people stop for a second when they see the logo (And that happened to me too when I see the logo)

    Thanks for all the wonderful designs that are showcased here :) It only prove that Filipinos Worldwide are really creative !!! Proud to be Filipino :D

  99. ii vote for #9... simple yet artistic

  100. i vote for number 9. Simple yet artistc.:)

  101. My vote goes to logo 009. The design is very simple and it looks professional. It surely describes Filipino's lifestyle. Yes we're simple but hey we're competitive and very professional on our line of work. The logo also reminded me of our edge in global industries and how we can communicate at ease in different cultures worldwide. Mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino:)

  102. Just dropping by to vote for Entry #9. I heard that today is the last day so good luck to everyone.

  103. Entry 009 looks really good for this blog.

  104. I vote for number 009. Just by adding few more colors into it, this logo will surely become a respected brand and memorable one! Go FBW!

    The number 011 ok lang, pero di ko mavote diba kasi sensitive ang issue about using the Philippine flag and it's colors for other purposes?

  105. Ang boto ko au para sa Entry 009, wala akong ibang rason.. gusto ko lang yong 9. :D

  106. I vote Entry 009 because I love it. :)

  107. Gusto ko ng blue na color ng logo Entry 009 kaya yon and binuboto ko.

  108. Please count my vote for entry number 9. Thanks.

  109. And boto ko ay para sa Entry #9. Tanx.

  110. Please count also my vote for Entry No. 9. Thanks.

  111. I also vote Entry 9. For the win! ;)

  112. Binuboto ko and Entry 009. Yong lang po at maraming salamat.

  113. I vote entry number 9 because I like the concept of the logo though it is not so attractive, maybe because of the color, but I think it already answered by some of the comments above. Good luck.

  114. Please add another 1 vote for Entry 009.

  115. I vote for Entry 009. I like the combination of the elements/objects. I also agree with the idea of Ron (June 29, 2012 9:14 AM )to add another color into it, just one another color; I suggest Orange, to be applied on the two stripes above the globe.

    It's better to use orange on it because it is the contrasting color of blue and it is also the color of RSS icon.

    It's just my idea. :) Good luck.

  116. Ang boto ko ay para sa entry number 9.

  117. I also vote for entry 009. Go! go! go! number 9. :)

  118. Isang mainit-init na vote for entry number 9. Salamat.

  119. Ibibigay ko ang aking isang bonggang-bonggang boto para sa numero nueve. Maraming salamat. :D

  120. I vote for entry number 9. Good luck, Doy.

  121. Please count my vote for Entry 009. It's a good logo design.

  122. I vote for entry #9 kasi maganda (ako). ^_^ Good luck, Dong.

  123. Ang boto ko ay paya sa entry #9... para sa gawa ni jepoy.

  124. Paki dadag ng isang boto para gawa ng aking kababayan, Entry 009.

  125. I vote for number 9.

  126. I vote for Entry 009... para kay kuaya JP.

  127. I vote for entry #9 because I like it and I also love it.

  128. I vote entry number 9. good luck kapatid.

  129. Ang boto ko po ay para sa Entry 009.

  130. Ako din po, pariho kami ni Davin ng pinipili, Entry 009.

  131. Nakalimutan kong sumali dito but anyway. . .
    I'll go for 003. Why? As an artist, kapag gagawa ka ng logo make sure na kuha agad ang theme/Title nito, the logo is all about 'Filipino Bloggers WorldWide', sa logo 003 entry kitang kita mo na agad ang meaning at yun dapat ang taglayin ng isang logo, its not all about how beautiful is the design the most important thing is kung paano maiipapakita ang meaning ng sinisimbolo nito. Godbless :]

  132. I vote for Entry number 11. Patriotic and outstanding. I like the design because it uses the colors of our flag. I also like the way it projects the symbol of Filipino bloggers. So yes, entry number 11.

  133. i vote #011 maganda cya para sa akin pinoy na pinoy

  134. I also vote for entry 9. Thanks.

  135. I am from Thailand and I vote entry 9 because it is nice. I like blue, same color with sky. :)

  136. Hello every one and to the admin of this blog, I vote for entry 9. I also like entry number 6 but Entry 009 gets my vote.

    I read some of the comments above, and I disagree on some points. As what I understand, the logo should mean more about FILIPINO (the people) and not more about PHILIPPINES (the place).

    Regardless of some restriction let us remember that the Philippine national flag (or its color combination) is the identity of the Philippines. We can see that more often on the uniforms of the athletes who are representing Philippines on sport events.

    Even on the editorial cartooning on Philippine newspapers, we can seldom see that Philippine flag is used to symbolize Filipino, instead, we can see Juna dela Cruz wearing salakot and Barong Tagalog.

    That is why I prefer Entry 009.

  137. i vote for entry logo #11 its not a real Philippine flag wla nmn sya white color,proud to be pinoy ngdesign!

  138. All entries are good but my vote is for entry no.9 because,in my opinion, it stands out among all the rest. It's because the logo unique and classy. The power of simplicity runs into it. As what an adage says, "Less is More". Simple is better, as always.


  139. vote ko 11. pinsan ko yan eh. :-)

  140. i'll vote for number's neat and nice

  141. #11 para sa kumpare kong si Ron Mia

  142. i vote for logo #11 very unique!

  143. vote ko #11 hindi lang dahil pamangkin ko sya dahil maganda naman talaga yung logo nya.

  144. i vote logo entry #11 for creativity..

  145. I vote for #11. You cannot be a proud Filipino if you're not proud of the symbol of your country.

  146. my vote goes to #11. proud pinoy

  147. sorry wrong vote i will vote for no.011

  148. I vote for entry #11.. simple yet there's a distinct feature that's very Filipino!

  149. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  150. I choose Entry 009. It's cool! :)

  151. Please count my vote for Entry No.9. Thanks.

  152. proud pinoy design. i vote for #11

  153. nice design, pure pinoy. i vote for #11

  154. i vote no.11 ron mia

  155. I vote Entry #9. Yon lang po. Maraming salamat.

  156. Ang vote ko ay para sa Entry 009.

  157. Ako din, ang vote ko ay para sa Entry 9.

  158. I vote #11 pinoy na pinoy ang dating

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